Write 3 celebrities and let the person under you decide which one he or she would kiss and which one he/she would marry and which one he/she would kil.
Just like the person under you, you will also do the same thing with the person above you (in the same post of course).

For example:

Lee Min Ho

Won Bin

Hyun Bin


Now you will choose who you want to kiss, marry & kill and then write your own 3 celebrities :)

kiss: Won Bin 
marry : Hyun Bin 
kill : Lee Min Ho ~ i don't want to kill him but i don't like hi so i am so sorry ^_^

Park Yoo Chun
Song Jae Rim
Jung Kyung Ho

kiss: Song Jae Rim
marry: Jung Kyung Ho
kill: Park Yoo Chun (sorry but I like the other two more)

Ji Sung
Jang Hyuk
Joo Ji Hoon
Ji Sung; Kill
Jang Hyuk: Kiss
Joo Ji Hoon: Marry

Nishikido Ryo
Park Shin Hye 
Lee Won Geun

If you're the opposite sex and you're not into the same sex, just think as if you were bi xD
Nishikido Ryo: Marry
Park Shin Hye : Kiss
 Lee Won Geun: Kill (sorry...I didn't want to...)
I am a guy so I am not kissing or marrying any dudes but in terms of killing
Ji Sung- punk married the woman of my dreams, Uhm force, Cha Seung Wo, and male lead from A Gentleman's Dignity whom I am too annoyed to google haha
Hm this got weird. xD

Kim Woo Bin
Lee Jong Suk
Yoon Eun Hye

If you're the opposite sex and you're not into the same sex, just imagine if you were bi.
kiss kim woo bin
kill lee jong suk
marry yoon eun hye

and I am gay so hence the marrying a woman..not to mention she's 1 of my fave actresses...:-)

kang gary
lau harwick
so ji sub
So Ji Sub - Marry
Lau Harwick - Kiss
Kanga Gary - Kill

Song Joong Ki
Lee Sang Yoon
Jang Geun Suk
Marry - Song Joong Ki
Kiss - Lee Sang Yoon
Kill - Jang Geun Suk

So Ji Sub
Song Seung Hun 
Lee Min Ki
Marry - So Ji Sub
Kiss - Lee Min Ki
Kill - Song Seung Hun

Joo Won
Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Jonghyun
Mary - Lee Kwang soo
Kiss - Joo Won
Kill - Lee Jong Hyun

Ji Soo
Park Shin Hye
Kim So Yeon
Marry - Park Shin Hye ( She is soo cute xD )
Kiss - Kim So Yeon ( Loved her in Falling in Innocence )
Kill - Ji Soo

Yook Sung Jae
Chae Soo Bin
Ji Chang Wook
Kiss: Yook Sung Jae
Marry: Ji Chang Wook
Kill: Chae Soo Bin

Yang Rainie
Fujiki Naohito
Kim Jae Wook
I guess I'll have to kill Yang Rainie and Kim Jae Wook whom I love so much but I'll never ever kiss xD 

and kiss and marry Fujiki Naohito 

Lee Jong Suk
Kim Woo Bin
So Ji Sub