Well as the title says, mention the three at the moment you are answering.
Color is for the Color of your dress you are wearing.
Mood is for the present mood or just before MDL.
What you did is the thing what you did Just before MDL like studying,talking, washing etc...

I will go first    Green / Lazy / talked on the phone.
Black / Tired / Watching Kill Me, Heal Me
grey & red / calm / worked out
purple / bored / watched Korean movie the treacherous
Orange/ tired/ slept 

(yep. I'm tired even after a whole night's sleep :// lol) 
purple / tired(havent slept since yesterday) / had lunch
Green / Sorry (for not answering my friend's call) / Dinner and Dishes
sad / tired / annoyed / sweets
Blue / exhausted / Played pool
Red / irritated / tried to study economy
Gree/stressed/taking shower
white and blue / tired / watched page turner
White/ Sleepy/ lying in bed, too lazy to get up for work
Burgundy/ relieved / Saw the results of the french election