Turn-in Form:
Starting date:  January 5, 2019
Finishing date: November 11, 2019
Link to your sign-up form: https://mydramalist.com/discussions/forum-games/37178-2019-watch-challenge?pid=845329&page=8#p845329 
Link to your turn-in form: https://mydramalist.com/discussions/forum-games/37178-2019-watch-challenge?pid=968271&page=17#p968271
Link to your completed Drama list: https://mydramalist.com/dramalist/angelari18/completed
Difficulty: Easy
The number of completed dramas for the challenge: 16
The number of completed drama specials for the challenge: 0
The number of completed movies for the challenge: 4
The number of completed variety shows for the challenge: 0
Progress: 20/20

Turn-in Form: