Share screenshots, animated GIFs, and video clips of your favourite kisses! :D

And please be sure to let us know which dramas they're from (with a direct link if possible).

Obviously, these can be considered SPOILERS, so... venture no further if you don't like those. :P


I see there's a thread already for "Favorite Drama Kiss", but it's in the Korean section. 

This thread is for drama kisses from all countries listed here at MDL, and also specifically for screenshots, animated GIFs, and video clips.


I'll start off with one of my top faves, which is from:  The Vineyard Man

Those of you who've seen this one know we had to wait a veeeeeeery long time for this kiss... but oh boy, was it worth it!!! :D

Wish I could trade places with Yoon Eun Hye (I love-love-love Oh Man Suk). :P


Here's a sweet, beautiful, highly emotional kiss scene from my favourite Taiwanese drama: MARS

From the Chinese drama:  Cruel Romance

"I've decided...  You are my woman!"


My jaw dropped a little at that kiss.  LOL!!  :D  :D  :D
The super-sweet, super-sexy "blindfold kiss" from: Healer

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Wuuut? How can this thread be so empty??? :D

Behind Your Smile

Into the Sunlight


Cruel City


Missing You


There's some wonderful oldies but goodies on here... keep them coming ;)
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I'll keep them coming, that's for sure xDD lol



Black & White @3:05 

- this one is one of the steamiest scenes I've ever seen in an Asian drama.

When A Man's in Love

@Ceki ... I agree, scene from Black & White is the steamiest in an Asian drama .... and it's Ye Hua (Mark Zhao) .....  That show has now moved up to the top of my PTW list!
Keep them coming ... Que Sera Sera, Queen In Hyun's Man, The World That They Live In, Meteor Garden, Too Late to Say I Love You ... all have some very good kiss scenes! 
Mary Stayed Out All Night Ally Kiss Episode 8

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