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Texas, U.S.A.


Texas, U.S.A.



Death Note: Shinigami by behindinfinity



In 2008 I stumbled onto a "Death Note" cosplay photo on deviantART.  I had no clue what Death Note was, but the photo really captured my interest, so I looked up Death Note on Wikipedia and then went searching for the series.  After watching it, I was hooked, and started seeking out more Anime...

Which then led me to Manga, and to various live action adaptations, and other Japanese movies...

Which then led to South Korean and Thai movies...

Which then led to Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Thai, and South Korean dramas!

The theme songs in Death Note also sparked an interest in Japanese music, and subsequently in music from other Asian countries (Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam).

It's funny how one little cosplay photo opened up a whole new world of entertainment for me. :D



If you're here for one of my PDF documents, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of my Profile.

Current documents available:

Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Scene Differences & Download Links

Asian Streaming & Download Website List



I enjoy a lot of different genres and themes, but there's two that I try to avoid like the plague:

Tragedies > There's nothing I hate worse than a tragic ending, especially if the story is a romance and one (or both) of the main leads / love interests dies.  It just leaves me feeling crappy, miserable, and depressed for days, and I really don't want that in my entertainment.

Infidelity > This is a close runner-up to Tragedies.  I abhor people who cheat in real life, and I definitely don't want to watch it in my entertainment either.  The only exception to this would be if the story was in a genre other than "romance", with a revenge theme, and the cheater ultimately gets what's coming to them... preferably a slow, painful death. :)


As for my Likes... I have quite a few genres, sub-genres, and themes/tropes that I adore:

Time-Travel > This is one of my top faves.  Specifically, romances with a modern-day woman traveling back into the distant past, or a man from the distant past traveling forward to the modern-day.  South Korean time-travels set in the Joseon era (or further back) are my absolute fave!

Gender-Benders > Another one of my top faves, with girls disguised as boys (again, in the romance genre).  I don't care how many times this has been done... I hope they keep making these until the Earth implodes.  I'll never get tired of them.  Never.  :D

Gay (M/M) / Boys Love > I adore a good, romantic BL story with a happy ending!  But anything with strong themes of gay bashing/brutality, terminal diseases, and tragic endings go directly to my avoid list.  I'm sick to death of all the miserable, crappy, depressing stories in the LGBT genre.  But on the up-side, there seems to be quite a lot more positive, happy, romantic movies/dramas being made in the past few years.

more to come later...  



I use a 5-star rating (with no half-stars), so my ratings translate to 2-4-6-8-10 here at MyDramaList.  

I also rate based on personal enjoyment, not critical deconstruction.


★☆☆☆☆ (MDL-2) 

Really awful, complete snooze-fest, couldn't even watch it because of audio problems (mainly with Chinese/Taiwanese dramas), etc.  Do not recommend.

  ★★☆☆☆ (MDL-4) 

Wasn't completely awful, but I either did not finish, or it had some elements that interested me enough that I struggled through to the end... and then regretted wasting my time.  Do not recommend.

  ★★★☆☆ (MDL-6) 

Just average.  Not bad, but not especially great or memorable either.  A decent choice if you've got nothing better to watch.

★★★★☆ (MDL-8) 

Better than average and very enjoyable, but lacking a little "something" that didn't make it a "wonderful" watch for me.  Recommended.

  ★★★★★ (MDL-10) 

Really, really wonderful!  Couldn't stop watching, marathon'd it in 2-3 days (if it was a drama), and probably wanted to watch it all over again as soon as I was finished.  :P  Highly recommended!



A few of my favourite actors, who I think are wonderfully talented and exceptionally good-looking. :D


#1 Top-Fave: Oh Man Suk

I absolutely loved him in The Vineyard Man and The True Colors

I usually don't get silly and fan-girly over celebrities, but there's something about this man that just pushes all my buttons.  His acting always has me completely transfixed, and I find him incredibly attractive.  Plus, the characters he plays in The Vineyard Man and The True Colors are both the type of men I would want to marry, which makes those particular performances even more special for me.  It's just a shame Jang Taek Gi and No Chul Gi don't actually exist... I'd be all over them in a heartbeat. (To my real-life hubby... bian). :P


79zVRbj.gif *shoves Yoon Eun Hye out of the scene and takes her place*79zVRbj.gif

pB7BIry.gif  DO7QBOI.gif


More faves, in no particular order...

Seo In Guk >> Loved him in 38 Task Force and High School King of Savvy


Ji Sung >> Loved him in Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret


Lee Jun Ki >> Loved him in Scholar Who Walks the Night and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo


Lee Seung Gi >> Loved him in Gu Family Book and You're All Surrounded


Choi Jin Hyuk >> Loved him in Gu Family Book and Emergency Couple


Wisetkaew Sukrit >> Loved him in Teacher's Diary and Dok Ruk Rim Tang



All of my Themes are made for (and look best at) 2560x1440 resolution.


A full list of credits/attribution (for the background images) can be viewed HERE.


Hopefully MDL will give us a proper way to organize these one day (in the "Lists" tab), rather than having to do it on our Profile...

❤️ New lists as of November 2018



Death Games - (dramas)

Death Games - (movies)



Disability: Autistic - (movies & dramas)

Disability: Blind - (movies & dramas)

Disability: Deaf - (movies & dramas)

Disability: Intellectual - (movies & dramas)

Disability: Mute - (movies & dramas)

❤️ Disability: Phobias - (movies & dramas)

Disability: Physical - (movies & dramas)

Disabilities: Misc - (movies & dramas)


Illness: Brain Tumor - (movies & dramas)

Illness: Cancer - (movies & dramas)

Illness: Dissociative Identity Disorder - (movies & dramas)

Illness: Heart Condition - (movies & dramas)

Illness: Neurodegeneration - (movies & dramas)

Illness: Schizophrenia - (movies & dramas)

Illnesses: Various - (movies & dramas)



Gangsters: Chinese Triad - (dramas)

Gangsters: Japanese Yankee - (dramas)

Gangsters: Japanese Yakuza - (dramas)

Gangsters: Korean Kkangpae - (dramas)

Gangsters: Thai Chao pho - (dramas)



Gay M/M China - (movies & dramas)

Gay M/M Hong Kong - (movies & dramas)

Gay M/M Japan - (movies & dramas)

Gay M/M South Korea - (movies & dramas)

Gay M/M Taiwan - (movies & dramas)

Gay M/M Thailand - (movies)

Gay M/M Thailand - (dramas)



Gender-Benders: Boys in Disguise - (movies & dramas)

Gender-Benders: Girls in Disguise - (movies)

Gender-Benders: Girls in Disguise - (dramas)

Gender-Benders: Male/Female Body Swap - (movies & dramas)



Incest - (movies & dramas)

Pseudo-Incest - (movies & dramas)



Interspecies Romance: China - (movies & dramas)

Interspecies Romance: Hong Kong - (movies & dramas)

Interspecies Romance: Japan - (movies & dramas)

Interspecies Romance: South Korea - (movies & dramas)

Interspecies Romance: Taiwan - (movies & dramas)

Interspecies Romance: Thailand - (movies & dramas)



Aliens - (movies)

Aliens - (dramas)

Androids / Cyborgs / Robots - (movies)

Androids / Cyborgs / Robots - (dramas)

Angels / Winged Species - (movies & dramas)

Dragons - (movies & dramas)

Gumiho / Kitsune / Hu Li Jing - (dramas)

Gumiho / Kitsune / Hu Li Jing - (movies)

Mermaids / Mermen - (movies & dramas)

Reapers / Shinigami / Jeoseung Saja - (movies & dramas)

Serpents - (movies & dramas)

Vampires - (movies)

Vampires - (dramas)

Werewolves - (movies & dramas)

  Zombies - (movies & dramas)



  Special Abilities: Death-related - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Dream Manipulation - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Healing - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Heightened Senses - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Invisibility - (moves & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Memory Erasure - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Mentifery - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Metal Manipulation - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Mind-Control - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Precognition - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Psychometry - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Resurrection - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Shapeshifting - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Superhuman Strength - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Telekinesis - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Telepathy - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Teleportation - (movies & dramas)

  Special Abilities: Time Manipulation - (movies & dramas)



  Time-Travel: China - (dramas)

Time-Travel: China - (movies)

Time-Travel: Hong Kong - (dramas)

Time-Travel: Hong Kong - (movies)

Time-Travel: Japan - (dramas)

Time-Travel: Japan (movies)

Time-Travel: South Korea - (dramas)

Time-Travel: South Korea - (movies)

Time-Travel: Taiwan - (dramas)

Time-Travel: Taiwan - (movies)

Time-Travel: Thailand - (dramas)

Time-Travel: Thailand - (movies)



Twins - (dramas)

Twins - (movies)



Age-Gap: Older Woman + Younger Man - (dramas)

Age-Gap: Older Man + Younger Woman - (dramas)



Crossworlds Traveler - (movies & dramas)

Eccentric Male Leads - (dramas)

  Forced Marriage - (dramas)

High-School Impostors - (movies & dramas)

Innocent Cohabitation Romance - (dramas)

Kidnapping / Abduction - (dramas)

Love-Rivalry Between Brothers - (dramas)

  Online / VR Gaming - (movies & dramas)

Raised in the Wild - (movies & dramas)

Secret Pregnancies / Births - (movies & dramas)

Scarred Male Leads - (movies & dramas)

U Prince Series in Chronological Order - (dramas)

While You Were Sleeping [Coma] - (movies & dramas)



Baekje [18 BC - 660 AD] - (movies & dramas)

Goguryeo [37 BC - 668 AD] - (movies & dramas)

Silla [57 BC - 935 AD] - (movies & dramas)

Geumgwan Gaya [43 - 532] - (movies & dramas)

[Kingdom Unknown]  Three Kingdoms Era [57 BC - 668 AD] - (movies & dramas)

Later Silla [668 - 935] - (movies & dramas)

Balhae [698 - 926] - (movies & dramas)

Joseon [1392 - 1896] - (movies)

Joseon [1392 - 1896] - (dramas)

Great Korean Empire [1897 - 1910] - (movies & dramas)

Japanese Rule [1910 - 1945] - (movies & dramas)

U.S. Military Administration [1945 - 1948] - *no titles*

First Republic [1948 - 1960] - (movies & dramas)

Second Republic [1960 - 1961] - *no titles*

Military Rule [1961 - 1963] - (movies & dramas)

Third Republic [1963 - 1972] - (movies & dramas)

Fourth Republic [1972 - 1979] - (movies & dramas)

Fifth Republic [1979 - 1987] - (movies & dramas)



My Top-10 Dramas

My AVOID List - (spoilers!)

My Favourite Actors - (Chinese/Taiwanese)

My Favourite Actors - (Japanese)

My Favourite Actors - (Korean)

My Favourite Actors - (Thai)


Protective/Obsessive/Possessive Guys by I Would Rather Be Queen




Title: You Are Beautiful

Artist: Liu Qin (刘沁)

Lyrics: Chinese/English/Pinyin

Drama: Cambrian Period (ending theme song)





Asian Streaming & Download Website List

This is a PDF document that includes links to websites that offer Asian dramas, movies, reality/variety shows, and awards shows.  It's an on-going WIP, so check back periodically for updates and a new version of this document. 

To download (from the Dropbox page), click "..." at the top right and then select "Download" from the dropdown menu. 

Last Updated: October 31st, 2018




Original International version vs. SBS Re-edited version

Scene Differences & Download Links

This is a PDF document that includes links where the two versions can be viewed/downloaded, and a list of the scene differences in each episode's version.

To download (from the Dropbox page), click "..." at the top right and then select "Download" from the dropdown menu.

Please be aware that each timestamp has a short description of the scene in question, some of which can be considered spoilers.

Last updated: November 13th, 2016


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