Is there a trick to finding a specific series in the Show & Movie Discussions subforum other than paging through the thread list? Whenever I've searched, any discussion there has been swamped out by posts in the Games and Last Series/Episode Watched threads. I'm more interested in reading lots of other people's thoughts than sharing my own and old discussion threads can be great for that.

I'd happily mute the games and last watched threads, especially if it improved search, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

Thanks for any help.

You can search for the specific series name

Go to the end of the page and u mi8 find all the discuss and stuffs related to that particular series 

Thanks, I figured it out later but couldn't find my question to delete it. Maybe I should leave it in case someone else has a similar question. (Just to clarify, it's search in the top of the screen search bar for the drama's individual page; forum search will just give noise.)

The forum thread with pages and pages of links to discussions on older dramas threw me off. I thought there were additional discussion threads in the forums, and that was what showed up trending (but not for what I'd seen) in Recent Discussions. But no, it's just what's on each drama's page.