Hi! I’m new to MDL and feeling a bit confused. Can someone explain how people use feeds, friend requests, following and blocking on this site?

When should I send a friend request or follow someone? Only if I know them? Or people who are interesting? Will I see different things if I friend or follow someone? Different feeds?

And for blocking, should I use it a lot so I don’t see posts that I’m not interested in? Or only for people who are harassing and such?

Thank you for your advice 🙏

First of all, welcome! *waves* I hope you have fun here! :)

Feed - posts by people you're friends with and/or groups you've joined.  People use feeds in various ways (personal posts and/or or updates of what they're watching/finished).

Friend request - anyone who looks interesting and/or you've interacted with (some people like to have interaction first so I'd read their profile before sending just to be safe) who you want to see their posts on your feed or just interact with more. 

Following - I haven't figured this one out but it seems it's just a way of remembering people who you aren't sending a friend request to (or even if you are). For me, it doesn't seem to really "do" anything but I don't know if it does for other people.

Blocking - you use this for people you don't want to see their comments for whatever reason. It doesn't seem to work on forums, at least for me.

I hope that helps!

Thnx @emeraldarrows! :) :) 

What kind of groups are there for feeds?

Thanks for explaining the friending, following and blocking stuff. I couldnt figure out what following people did. It really doesnt do anything I guess.

There's the MyDramaList Group (just a general group, I think) and there's some new ones - MyBooks for books, WesternFlix for non Asian shows/movies, and there's one for games and one for music (I forget those names, sorry). If you click on feeds you'll see groups (or the title of the group on someone's post) and you just click join on whatever you're interested in. :)