ive been searching for it for days but it was a series i watched a yr or so back, basically the female lead is initially older and i think worked in a beauty clinic and goes on a bad date then meets with her old high school friend, i cant remember the details of that but then she rips up this (cursed) photo of her and her friend which i think had her high school crush in it, she then gets transported to when the photo was taken back in high school. as she did makeup for a job she becomes prettier and more presentable and has some more confidence and her crush ends up liking her more, im pretty sure the guy hated getting confessed to cause he didnt think he was “worth it” or smth but anyways i remember the friend of the mc was close to the mc’s crush and idk if she liked him or not but i do distinctly remember them going on a class trip where they confess to each other and she believed that she‘d go back to the present if she confessed and then she doesnt. i think they had to do challenges in teams to get ingredients that theyd cook for dinner and her team did badly and only got carrots or smth lmao and i think the crushes group shared with them. if anyone knows what this series is called i will literally love u forever cause i cant find it anywhere ?

i remember a girl, idk if it was the friend or not, went to this psychic or voodoo lady or something like that where she asked that the main character wouldnt be loved or something like that because i think she also loved the guy and then it was revealed that thatcurse actually happened to the photo so it was lowkey an alternate universe of sorts until the photo was ripped but also time travel idk someone help??

Seishun Cinderella (2022)

omg thank u sooo much i literally owe u the world 

no its just ive been looking for it for ages and me and my bsf have been dying to find it again haha

I know the feeling. Has happened to me too lol.

its the worst feeling everr, i hope u dont mind i sent u a friend request, u seem rly nice and i watch loads of shows but only just found this website and u seem to be a lot more knowledgeable than me lol especially in memory mines terrible

I don't mind. My memory is pretty terrible too, but I actually happen to remember this one after reading some of your details. Though some of the things you mentioned didn't ring a bell, but others did.

honestly knowing my memory it may have merged some aspects from other series as its been a while haha, its nearly 2am for me so im def gonna get some sleep and watch it tomorrow. i find with my memory whenever i dont want to remember something like a spoiler or something embarrassing ill never forget it but the moment im dying to remember some its just gone !