I am using Simkl! It allows you to keep track of the tvs, movies and animes you watch at one place. It allows you to rate them. It also allows you to post reviews and comments by episodes or by the series itself. That is what I like. Then, if you want to get personalized recommmendations based on what you rated, you can sign up for the PRO feature of Simkl. The good thing is, you can get the PRO feature for free if you logged in to Simkl every 20 out of 30 days.
If anyone here is also using Simkl, and want to add me as friend, here is my profile: 


I don't use anything beside MDL for dramas. Normally not being able to track all the English shows I watch next to what's here would annoy me, but because I've never been attached to any of those English ones, I'm okay with it.

I use Kitsu for anime. Out of the three anime tracking sites I know, this one is best for me because it lets users track English webtoons as well which is something I do care about. 

I've never bothered tracking movies as a whole.

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MDL is better for info and a lot of other things but SIMKL is excellent for tracking series chapter by chapter. I use both.

I cannot send flowers to my favorite actresses in SIMKL so if I have to choose just one: MDL.