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Name a drama you recently started. Like the first 2-3 episodes of it. (I hope this isn't a duplicate. If it is, you can close this MDL admins.)

For me, it is Radiant Office! Gonna start Queen of the Ring soon! :)
Goblin ( after Eternal Love which was awesome).  So far so good. 
The Liar and His Lover
Radiant Office 
Queen of the Ring
Kuzu no Honkai  
The Liar and His Lover

1st three are intriguing and worth my while, but I dropped The Liar and His Lover after one episode.   Not my cup of tea. 
The Liar and His Lover
Pinnochio (6 episodes in but started it this afternoon so it technically counts?)
The Liar and His Lover!
From Five to Nine  (J-drama)
Perseverance Goo Hae Ra 
The Liar and his Lover
The Liar and His Lover
Radiant Office! I've seen 2 eps and it's interesting : funny, sweet and fresh but it'll also make you heavy-hearted. Plus Go Ah Sung is sooo likeable.