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Hi guys,
I've never used Avistaz before and I wanted to try it out but I'm so lost. You need to get an invite or something can someone help me out?
zeamays Volunteer Staff
You need an invite, or occasionally they open registration.  I don't think they've done it in a while though.
Thanks but how do I get an invitation?
zeamays Volunteer Staff
Someone has to send you one, and members can only unlock them with bonus points (you used to get a certain number for free, but they stopped doing that and took away all the unused invites not too long ago).  Maybe someone nice with lots of extra bonus points will see your thread here and send you one :)  I don't have that many bonus points at the moment.
Ahh okay I understand. Thanks for the help ^^
kissasian is probably the best way to get drama imo
Kissasian is gone. Good luck with AvistaZ. Keep checking their website as they have open registration every couple of months. Also, join their IRC, i think you can get an invite there too. 

I think the last time Avistaz had open registration was a couple months ago. just keep an eye on the site --- they do open up every now and then. AOX is another tracker, although it's relatively new and still building a community (so its library is smaller), but it has open registration right now until September 20th November 1st.

Keep an eye on THIS reddit, they post when registration is open. If you are looking for a good place to watch dramas in the mean time I rly recommend ViewAsian ive been using this site instead of kissasian for months now, it's so much better. 

If you want an invitation I can help you ...........