Where Tangents Meet- Completed, Romance, School

unTouchable- Completed, Romance, Vampires

Annarasumanara- Completed, Romance

Bastard- Completed, Horror, Romance

Dead Days- Completed, Horror, Romance, Zombies

Duty After School- Completed, Apocalyptic, Romance, War

Runway- Not Completed, Romance, Fashion Industry

Let's Play- Not completed, Romance, Gaming

Ecstasy Hearts- Not Completed,  Sports(Tennis), Romance

My Dear Cold-Blooded King- Not Completed, Historical, Romance

Winter Moon- Not Completed, RPG Gaming, Comedy

Socializing101- Not Completed, Romance, College Life

I read them all on the Line Webtoons App

Lookism is amazing, you can find it in the web toons app


Tower of God

Friday:  Forbidden tales 

The Gamer


Nano List

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

Cheese In The Trap

Dr Frost


Adventures of God


"The One" is one of the best....it was my first manga I finished.  I know it's not a manga cause it's Japanese but I had a bunch of manga I was reading when I started and then read it start to finish in a sitting, rare for me.  

Hello, I read at the moment:

  • What's wrong with secretary kim
  • Empress of another world
  • the Abandoned Empress
  • in Your Dream
  • Daughter of the Emperor
  • Summer of Us
  • Light and Shadow
  • He's my Softy
  • The sock Monster
  • The lady and her Butler
  • The Greatest Wolf of my Life
  • The Roommate Agreement
  • You make me Swoon

and a lot of more... ^^

I read my webtoons on webtoon, mangafox, mangago, they are free.

I read on the sites Tappytoon, Lezhin Comics, Tapas and Spottoon too, but you must pay for them, but it is worth to read their webtoons and by the way you supported the artist.

When someone is interested on chinese webtoon, than i am able to recommend Webcomics.

Have a good read  ^^

cant mention webtoon without Noblesse and Tower of God

also not exactly webtoon but if you are interested in manhwa The Breaker and The Breaker New Waves

other webtoon 

Killer Stall - thriller, family

A Fairytale for the Demon Lord - fantasy, nordic legend

Bastard - thriller

Home Sweet Home - thriller, surivival

City of Dead Sorcerer - fantasy, supernatural

Dear, Only You Dont Know - romance , comedy 

Sweet Guy - supernatural, romance, adult (yeah borderline hentai)

Ghost Love  - supernatural/horror (?). romance, adult (see above)

Wake Up Deadman - zombie, survival

The Gamer - game/rpg, supernatural, comedy

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - game/rpg, (light novel adaptation)

DICE - action, school, supernatural

Lookism - school, supernatural

Wind Breaker - sport

also if you like colored format, try manhua like

Feng She JI

Battle Under the Heaven

There are lot of manhwa/webtoons out there, but i can't remember what kind of it is.

Try Kakao 79% it's one of the best romance webtoon I've read :))

Lookism - comedy and school life

Trump - fantasy 

Tower of God - fantasy

Oh Holy - romance and comedy

Solo Leveling, incredibly addicting and has good art 

I Love Yoo 

Sirens Lament 

True Beauty

Orange Marmalade 


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