Watching The Girl Who Sees Smells episode 4, I had to 'wtf' on this scene...

So now it only takes some of your item to be found somewhere near the crime scene to become a murder suspect? Even without slightest motive you can be dragged to the police station? ... Nonsense! I don't like something that minor not being realistic. They shoud've put a little more effort into the 'crime' element -_- 

And then while watching further, I just had to facepalm bc it's just so badly made the whole 'suspense'  with such weak evidence...U can't just go and arrest someone based on your theory and someone's hint!  Gosh and I started to enjoy this drama in the middle of the episode, now I can't imagine me liking  it further. Well at least not the crime cases they'll have -_-

Yeah their portrayal of police procedures doesn't feel realistic. This would be such an unprofessional police force if it were real -.- I think it's best not to approach this as a police procedural. At it's core it's still the usual romance/drama focus most Korean dramas seem to have. (Though actually I find the romance aspect rather weak as well... I'm only still watching because I find the male lead oddly charming).
@hanabira Same for me!
i totally agree w/ you. i spent the past six hours catching up & finishing sensory couple & im not happy. first of all (AND NOT TO SPOIL ANYTHING IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED) the motive of the serial killer who is seen as quite the mastermind when we first start out slowly diminishes. now im probably excusing it bc near the end he became so obsessed w/ this last kill that it drove him over the top, but even so, someone whose been made out to be as smart & eccentric like that from the start shouldn't be so careless @ times. & now to comment on the police procedures, i so feel you. i also thought having comedic aspects (like the time after they find joo ma ri's car) is sooooo inappropriate. like it's a drag between romance/comedy to action/thriller/suspense & it's so odd i can't.
@venusmoth Thank You! I agree at everything u said :) The reason I wrote 'mad' is bc Yoochun who is one of my fav actors has to be in such a drama. It's just such a waste! :( And maybe for that reason I dislike this drama even more then I would a drama without any connections to my fav actors :)