Hello hello!

My name is Aimie but I usually go by "Aims" for short. I happened upon MDL through Korean Wave Global Group on FB from a fellow member and was impressed to find a place to record all my watched kdramas as well as discover new ones. And lo and behold you guys have a community forum! Gawd I haven't posted in a forum for probably a decade! I actually kinda missed that :(

So a little about how I fell down the rabbit hole of becoming what I affectionately call a kdrama addict...

Last November I was browsing Netflix recommendations trying to find something to watch, and I happened upon the thumbnail pic of Lee Dong-wook with his glowing orange/red eyes in Tale of the Nine Tailed. I read the description and thought, woah this is my kind of story! I love fantasy and anything where the main lead is not human is bound to be captivating for me.. so I instantly hit "play". Within the first few seconds of the intro, I was like "Yup, I found my next binge".  I was finished in about two days and from there, I haven't been able to go back to American television, lol.

I'm now at about 62 dramas finished and working on Hotel King. I work at home so I get to spend most of the day watching kdramas in between. I'm also learning Korean a little every day, hoping to visit South Korea in about 2 years and have some basic communication :)

Currently live in TX, USA but i'm originally from Canada, land of the MOOSE! I'm fluent in French and can get by in Spanish. And what else... Oh, I have a Shiba Inu named Terra (ff6).

Hope to be apart of this community, seems like the kind of group i've been needing to share my love for kdramas :)

Welcome to MDL!
Aside from this forum, mdl also has a section called Feed.  You can interact with other fellow fans there too. Dig in and you'll probably find other interesting parts of this site.

And, don't hesitate to ask if you have any inquiries regarding mdl.