Are You Human Too

july dramas 

✔️ What's Wrong With Secretary Kim 

✔️ To Jenny 

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and Game Sanaeha

Life On Mars, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Mr. Sunshine. I just wan't to say, Life On Mars is underrated. Not a lot of people are watching it.

Are You Human Too?

Come and Hug Me

Yea, yea I'm late to the party but I'm here now and addicted! I haven't felt this way while watching a drama, anxious and nervous, since Save Me. I see why people are cuckoo for cocoapuffs about it- its good. Apparently it stays that way which is awesomesauce!!

Come and Hug Me, loved it since the first day.

Life On Mars, addicted to it, police drama with a touch of comedy.

Mr. Sunshine, amazing cinematography, the story so far so good, and that amazing SONG from  PARK HYO SHIN in the OST   I'm in love.

 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim