Can someone recommend good J-Dramas? I haven't watched many and I really want to watch more. I like any genre. Thank you!!!

These are all the ones I've seen so far, and they are all pretty good but if I do find some more I'll be sure to update you!


These are all the ones I've seen so far, and they are all pretty good but if I do find some more I'll be sure to update you!

thank you so much! i'll add them to my list!!

I've watched a lot of jdrama in my life so I'll try to put a few with differents genres. My favorite are definitely the one written by Sakamoto Yuji but since i don't know what you like i thought it'd be best to put other kind of dramas: 

- Kisarazu Cat's eye  (comedy/friendship) 

- Woman (slice of life/family)

- Kazoku Game (psychological/family)

- 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi sensei season 7 (school/drama)

- Legal High (law/comedy)

- Soredemo ikite yuku (slice of life)

- Nodame cantabile (classic dorama/music/comedy)

- Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni tatsu (romance/comedy)

- Orange Days (friendship/romance)

- Ryusei no kizuna (mystery/comedy/family)

- Switched (school/supernatural)

- Aishiteru (drama/family)

- Kahogo no kahoko (family/comedy)

- Saikou no rikon (divorce/comedy)

- Yume no california (friendship/drama/life)

Check out my list! It is full of Jdramas and all those I've given a 10 are seriously worth watching!

just go to top shows and filter it by country. You will find some gems there

Ice world 1999 ( best thing ever)


Doctor X

Legal V

Zenkai Girl

I married as a job

My brother loves me too much

A few of my favourites:

✔ Kiss that Kills 

✔ Death Note (TV)

✔ Painless Eyes for Signs 

✔ Galileo 

✔ ST Scientific Task Force 

✔ Criminologist Himura 

✔ Black Devil and the White Prince 

✔ One week Friends 

✔ Say I love You 

✔ From Me To You 

✔ Evergreen   Love 

✔ Hours of my Life 

✔ Legal V 

✔ Miss Sherlock 

✔ Doctor X 

✔ Switched 

✔ Erased 

✔ Orange 

Kazoku Game



The quiz show 2 (I am currently watching it and it's good)

Todome no Kiss

1. Asuko March

2. One litre of tears

3. Fugitive boys 

4. Mischievous kiss - 2 seasons 

5. Hana yori dango

6. Code blue 


  • Hana yori dango – it’s a must see it’s the classical Cinderella story but one of the bests ever done (2 seasons and 1 movie)
    Buzzer Beat – good romance drama about 2 people that meet and fall in love but first they have to find the perfect timing for them to be together
    Love Shuffle – it’s a story involving 4 couples and how they learn what love is
    Pride – a classic romance drama with a mature couple who grow and learn from each other and also heal each others wounds
    Tatta Hitotsu no koi – a very good romance and it’s a Cinderella story but inverse (rich girl, poor boy)
    Hotaru no Hikari – this has 2 seasons and a movie, and it’s a bout a couple that has to live together due to some circumstances and gradually fall in love
    We married as a job - As mentioned before this one is compared to Because this is my first life. I liked both of them but I'll have to say I liked better how they managed the "contract relationship" at the final episodes here. 
  • Soratobu Kouhoushitsu - I like this one, because is also about 2 persons who had their dreams broken about their ideal jobs but with the help of each other discover a new passion in life. 
  • Kahogo no Kahoko - This one is pretty sweet and lighthearted, the OTP is very cute and it centers alot on family.
  • Boku unmei no hito desu - This one is also pretty lighthearted, the male lead is very sweet and kind and it's totally focused on romance.


  • Byakuyako – this is a very intense drama about 2 people that met since childhood and develop a strange relationship in which both of them are united by a serious of crimes
  • Koizora
  • Taiyou no kisetsu – a romance drama but with melo in it
  • Soredemo, ikite yuku – this drama is also very heavy and it’s about a man whose sister is killed and the the killer’s sister who meets and falls in love with that man
  • Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo sakebu – kind of like Koizora and 1 liter of tears


  • Atashinchi no Danshi -
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e – reverse harem a girl crossdressing and living in a boys shcool
  • Ouran High school host club – reverse harem a girl crossdressing so she can be part of the school’s host club
  • Mei-chan no shitsuji
  • My Boss, my hero – this drama is hilarious and it’s about a yakuza that has to go back to highschool in order to get his high school diploma, but he has to keep his yakuza status a secret


  • Nodame Cantabile – very good drama with romance an music it has 1 season, 2 specials and 2 movies
  • My girl – it’s a drama of a man that suddenly finds out he has a daughter and has to live wit her.
  • GTO – If you liked Dragon Zakura you’ll like this one and the following one (Gokusen) It’s about teachers and troublesome students
  • Gokusen
  • Dragon Zakura


  • Maou – the best suspense drama ever!
  • The quiz show 2 – it’s about a Quiz show were they ask the contestants very personal questions in order to reveal their deepest secrets
  • N no tame ni – it’s about a group of friends that are united due to a double assassination and they hide who the killer is  
  • Ryusei no Kizuna – a revenge drama about 3 siblings who look for the killer of their parents before the statute of limitations ends
  • Liar Game – it’s about a game that involves lying a deception in order to win
  • Kazoku game – it’s a psychological drama about a teacher and a family and his strange ways of teaching
  • Kurosagi – it’s about a swindler who targets swindlers due to his personal vendetta
  • Unnatural


  • H2 – baseball and romance united in a story about highschool life
  • Tumbling – a group of boys who bond through tumbling and find a dream to follow
  • Yowakutemo Katemasu – a different kind of underdog drama about a baseball team who challenges winning a baseball game with new strategies involving their weakness
  • Rookies