Hello everyone, Sleepninja here! I am the moderator for the Japanese section of the forum.

I am making this post to inform you that we now have a few guidelines for our discussion threads.

Firstly: Please, please check first to make sure there is not already a thread for your topic. This will make our job easier and might save you some time. There is a "search forum" feature that helps you discover if there is already a thread for your actor/drama/movie/singer.

For new discussion threads, here are the minimum requirements.

-Drama, anime or movie poster/actor or singer pic
-Link to appropriate page in MDL database (if MDL does not have a page, other informative sources like Dramawiki are acceptable. We can always switch out the link later.)
-Cast (optional)
-Trailer and/or OST (make sure the video accompanying the OST is spoiler free)

Speaking of spoilers...While discussion threads are a free zone to discuss any and every plot point, we do require the initial post (the post that creates the thread) to be spoiler free. If you have a spoiler you really must get off of your chest, put it in the second post or disguise it using white font. After that first post, feel free to spoil to your heart's content.

Here is an example of the threads we accept.

We take pride in our forums and would like to stand out for our neat, informative, and aesthetically pleasing discussion threads. Thank you for your cooperation.