Just finished the first few episodes, a promising start. For me, acting has been good and fun. All three actors did well, and suited their roles. It is a pre production so I wasn't sure what to expect in quality but the extra time given seems to be paying off in good story telling.

Loving the dialogues. Eun San has been brutal with her words on Won and it cracks me up. Rin's stoic, faithful and yet cute friendship with Won is heart warming. Won is like that annoying fan that you love but want to smack on the head every 5 mins. San is like the ultimate girl crush (handsome and also beautiful too). The plot around families were efficiently explained with the scenes. some of the comedy scenes are hilarious yet not out of place. My fav scene is the bun store and the bun seller lol.

On the shipping front, though the setup is obvious, for me I feel the friendship more at this moment. The male leads are making their feelings obvious but San remains neutral at this stage. However, the bickering with Won and her respect for Rin could be the base of how she feels. So far, loving the trio scenes, not feeling any huge desire to ship either OTP.

Oh and the CG maynot be Hollywood standard but ok not so bad.

Overall, a very promising start, my family thoroughly enjoyed watching it and it will be our regular. Sosososo glad Sony one bought the rights and is airing live same time as Korea.