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I was wondering if you can recommend something that started in 2017? 
I know it's only 10 days in the new year, but i really wanna see something from week to week. 

I'm current watching Goblin, Legend of the blue sea and Hwarang. 

I think all the Korean dramas that are airing now started last year but there are new ones starting this month

check here
I do have some high expectations of upcoming series ''Voice'' and ''Missing Nine''
Thank you. I have some on my list that start this year. Can't wait. 
There's always Naked Fireman lol, that just started airing.
Besides that I have Missing 9 and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People on my Plan to Watch list ;)
Now i Watching Introverted Boss, Voice and Naked Fireman. So, we see how this goes. Only watch one episode of Naked Fireman, but i like it so far, also Voice i like after just one episode. Voice is the best i think. 

Introverted Boss... Well, i give it more time, because he so cute... lol 
I watching the Romantic doctor Kim drama

is cute!