So it seems the the old discussion was deleted? I am going to make a new one since I enjoyed it a lot. :) if the original creator wants me to take this down I will. 

How to play: 

So basically all you need to do, is pick a song you like and put it into the thread. For the song that is above you you write "Turn up" if you like it or "Stop the music" if you don't. Its a cool way of discovering cool new music. (sorry about these directions, i'm not very good at explaining things :p)

I guess I will start:

Stop the Music

NCT Baby Don't Stop

stop the music
21 - DEAN

Turn up :) , this song here (I'm not even sure if this is a song but anyways) is super weird , I just wanted to put it here to see how people would react because I clearly don't understand how on Earth this song has more than 125 million views , I m using a tablet now so I don't know how to insert a video so I'll just put the link here , please don't curse me for this please I'm so sorry for rambling too much