Okay :)
So I wanted to watch Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi for a while now and just today I realised that there are two movies and one drama.
Is there a recommended order in which to watch to not miss parts of the story or what do you suggest?
I just started the drama and wonder if the character introduction happened in the movie or just later in the first episode.
Thanks :)
The actual timeline is Movie 1 then Drama then Movie 2.  However, there are some things that don't actually match up between the stories of each.  Character introduction did happen in the first movie, but the lack of character introduction in the drama is actually used as a way to keep them kind of mysterious and is somewhat revealed later in the drama.  So you could watch the first movie and find stuff out, or you could watch the drama kind of like that part is a mystery and find out some later in the drama.  It's a little confusing to explain.  My personal opinion is to watch the drama first, then watch the movies if you want.  However, the movies are really different from the drama, so be aware of that in making your decision.
Thank you very much for the reply! This helped a lot.
I was just thinking if I missed something, but you cleared this up :)