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Hi people, just wanted to create this discussion for people looking for subs (like me, lol). If anyone finds new subs any time, please post it here so that other people watching this drama know. Since the comments are locked, let's use this discussion. 

Its gone from KOCOWA the site which was subbing as a decision was taken to remove it from international viewership, therefore no other professional subbing site will take it
Yeah, I was hoping a solo subber would pick it up. Let us hope for the best! 
I'm hoping that someone will do it because I started to translate it into my native language and without eng subs, well... I can't continue.

PLEASE LIKE MY POST ON THIS PAGE VIA FACEBOOK. Maybe we can get them to sub if there are some likes on the post. My post is under the name "Palak Khatter"
@Dalia Omg yeees thank you so much!
i'm watching it subbed, over at
Thank you so much guys! 
Its back in KOCOWA, maybe with some deleted scenes
Watch this drama on with eng sub :D
Thanks 3ngin33r and Duz :)