We all need 'em after we finish this drama.  Let's face it, nothing in asian dramaland is as good as SoKP.  There is no ML like Xie Wei.  So none of our reccs a re probably going to be "as good as".  But after you watch this, it feels like there's just nowhere to go next, and you're left stunned and stranded and wondering if you should just rewatch SoKP 500 times.  How to move on?  

I'd suggest trying

Till The End Of The Moon - another Dark ML that's so hot and angsty, and so obsessed with the FL that it just makes you want to scream.  

maybe Doom At Your Service?

Extremely Perilous Love (it's so shitty but it has a similar vibe to SoKP and since it's a short-length series, even if you didn't like it, it's just a single-evening investment of time.  And it's GOOD for a shitty minidrama, imo.)

Hidden Love (it's completely different, but it took my mind off this drama and helped with the withdrawls, so I'm adding it in.  It's nothing AT ALL like SoKP.)

A Dream of Splendor (not as dark.  Like a way way tamed down version of SoKP, but it was still good enough for me to rate it a 9, and the ML is sorta basically a "Dark ML"

Lesson In Love (if you want fiery kisses and electric chemistry.... fair warning, this is an age gap romance about an ML student and an FL teacher... not only is it kind of taboo territory, but it's nothing like SoKP in any aspect at all except that the kiss scenes are just as fiery and the chemistry is hotter than volcanic lava, and it's not a piece of shit script, it's very quality)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes -  a dark, smooth story with angst and fire.  I despise tragic endings, but I did not hate THIS tragic ending, it was an exception.  This might help with SoKP withdrawls because it's a dark, gripping story with tons of chemistry and some fiery kisses

Thats it, that's all I got.  Who else has some good ones?

Thank you, I desperately need new dramas as this is my favourite. The ones you suggested are nice but (in my opinion) still not quite the same as the uniqueness of SOKP is that the lead is morally grey with psychotic  tendencies but he is exceptionally smart and always prioritises the FL. He never uses or abuses her (unless he his ptsd flares up). I find that most dramas make the ML too abusive and extreme , or the chemistry is just lacking. 


ikr, no other drama is even in the same class as this.  But we have to come up with things to watch that will at least distract us between SoKP rewatches.... I'm hoping to get everyone's suggestions.  

I watched A Familiar Stranger and the ML never gives up on the FL. It had some dark vibes. It's short form drama so not too long. I loved it!