I dunno about everyone else, but I usually find myself listening to specific songs over and over again to the point where I can't stop listening to it until I hear something new...that will do the exact same thing to me, haha. So what songs can't you stop listening to at the moment? The songs that you play on repeat over and over again.

At the moment, for me, it's "Paradise" by Infinite:

Heidi- Loop (K. wa Maid-Same 2nd ending song)

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl

The Princess' Man ~ One Day Of Love
30 Days - Never Shout Never! Super meaningful for the time of the year :D:
DJ Hyo- I cant erase you
PinkDiamond wrote: Infinite: Nothing's over and Super Junior: Superman. I can't get these two songs out of my head!

Jajaja, Superman..............*-*
Fly -- Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna

Haha Also Will I am and Nicki Minaj -- Check it Out

this song is stuck in my head. i finally got it over with and downloaded it.

♫we bring the boys out.♫

I've had it replay since I started playing it....
when and for a while after i was watching You're Beautiful i was hooked on this one