finally it is over...i can now say that i have finished this show...i am so proud of myself....i wanted to quit watching so many times

1.Qi Ling was in a coma--hero had 3 days to uncover all the plots in order to get the special magical medicine to revive her--yup, no surprises there

2.More goofy scenes where everyone remembers eerything

3.The other couple gets some gifts

4.Empress recognizes their marriage

5.More antics that make my skin crawl--really?

6.the couple gets married for what is probably the 5th time

7.the entire town now knows about the bride swap--people are chit chatting about it

8.Oh my god...really?  the plaque actually says perfect couple????  stop being so cheesy....please....

9.housekeeper plans an attack...oh wait it is a plot to lure him out those aren't brides, those are men...and dr. love was not in on the plot bwahahaah

10.i find it hard to believe that hero does not hate him....playing the self-righteous card to the end he arrests him (that must have really irritated housekeeper even I get annoyed with how self righteous hero is)....ooh hero you know how to pour salt into a wound....i knew he would use the pity word....that would drive me crazy if someone said that they pitied me!  housekeeper....

11.housekeeper doesn't kill himself but somehow the site of him bowing before our hero just seems wrong...but if he wants to be a better human good for him a move that I cannot even fathom Qi Ling runs dress like a weird man and infiltrate the brothel??  

13.I do appreciate him kissing a man in front of everyone even though the kiss is extremely lacking in chemistry 

Last episode gets a 6.5 because it is hard to end any show--but this show had a pretty anticlimatic and lame ending.  What does it want to be?  A comedy?   A melodrama?  Arrggghhh bring back housekeeper.....

And what the heck??? Qi Ling runs away?? 

Can  you tell me what XiaoXuan says to Jin YuanBao in episode 27 when he's sleeping or injured? There are no subtitles. Thank you!

Can someone give me a recap of like the last ten episodes? Why does Qi Ling get mad that she leaves him after the wedding?