Hi everyone! Thats what I'm looking for:

- FL is rich

- ML has less money than her

(If he ALSO rejects her at first and later regrets and chase her back would be my perfect ever after - like in You are my glory -)

In the name of amplifying my recommendations:

- It's fine if ML has the same amount of profit compared to FL (like in My Demon or Find me in your memory - both leads are very rich)

It can be Kdrama, Cdrama, Lakorn or Jdrama.

List of some dramas I've seen in this theme:

You are my glory

Queen of tears

Angel's last mission

Bo ra! Deborah

Beauty and Mr Romantic

Crash landing on you

Fanletter, please

Fireworks of my heart

Game Sanaeha

Hak lai, my lady

Here we meet again

It's ok not to be okay

Love Scenery

The crown princess

Why her?

Thanks for any help ❤️

Divorce Lawyer in Love: female lead starts out in a higher position than male lead when they first meet, then the roles are reversed

Gasohug: female lead has a career (something to do with fashion or design? it's been a while since I've watched it!) and male lead works as a gas station attendant

Kimi wa Petto (2003): female lead works in an office and she picks up the male lead off of the streets so he is essentially homeless/jobless when they meet

Kimi wa Petto (2017): updated version of the 2003 series (I prefer this one personally)

Look Tard: female lead is the daughter of a rich man and the male lead is one of her family's servants (one of my favorite shows ever!)

Maids: female lead starts off as a rich young lady and then her family falls from grace so she becomes a servant and meets a male servant

Mama Gogo: female lead inherits and runs a nightclub and the male lead is a gogo dancer in that club

Smile, You: female lead is the daugher of a rich man and their family runs into issues so they have to move in with their chauffer's family, the chauffer's son is the male lead

That Fool: female lead is a celebrity and male lead is a postal worker

Celeb to Binbo Taro - FL is a rich daughter of a hotel chain mogul and ML is very poor and father of three kids.

Begin Again (CEO FL, doctor ML.ML's money issues are important to the plot and he's a total tsundere at first so there's a bit of that FL chasing ML first then vice versa)
The Other Half of Me and You (CEO FL, employee ML (iirc he was her secretary at least at some point))
Female CEO Love Me (CEO FL, employee ML)
My Merman Brother (High ranking official FL, prisoner/slave ML)
Run On (Secondary MCs: CEO FL, broke art student ML)
Secrets of the Shadow Sect (Sect leader FL, guard ML)
My Name Is Zhao Wu Di (CEO FL, guard ML)
Love Is Science? (CEO FL, hairdresser ML)
Don't Be Shy (CEO FL, assistant ML)
Hotel del Luna (Hotel owner FL, hotel manager ML)
Beauty Killer (Merchant/shop owner FL, musician/entertainer ML)
Chasing Love (Second arc only: Princess FL, commoner ML)
The Legend of Zhuohua (Secondary MCs: Princess FL, scholar turned official ML)
The Eternal Love Season 3 (Princess FL, nobleman ML)
Miss Gu Who Is Silent (Honestly forgot what either leads did but FL was rather loaded and ML was not)

Haven't gotten very far into these yet so can't confirm but Doona! (Ex-Celeb FL, student ML) and Intern in My Heart (Fashion designer FL, intern ML) might fit too.

Both are rich...

The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Prince and Princess)
Ye Cheng Fu (Noblewoman and Nobleman)
Yes, Her Majesty (Emperor & Empress)
Secret of Three Kingdoms (Emperor & Empress)
My Uncanny Destiny (Both are rulers)
Oh My General (General FL, nobleman ML)
A Girl Like Me (Noblewoman FL, rich scholar ML)

Thank you everyone! Many new dramas to watch now, you guys are amazing!

I have started watching them, so much work to do.