Hey everyone. I feel like I'm not in the loop for when a new BL comes out. You know what I'm saying? Like idk where to find out about all the new stuff coming in. Anyways. That's where my question comes in. 

Are there any new BLs or upcoming ones that I should be watching or on the lookout for? When I say new, it doesn't have to BRANDDD new. If you know some great! List it below. But if you don't have any brand new BLs, maybe list some that you think got missed.

If you also have any recommendations of underrated ones, that you think I should watch, or some of your favs,  please let me know! I'm open. 

I have a list here (it's a mix but includes a lot of BLs): https://mydramalist.com/list/3rWn9ZA4

*Bookmarks the list for future reference*

I'm probably not going to be very helpful as all I tend to do is look through any new dramas that catch my eye and then see if I like the first episode or two. I had two j-dramas that I like the look of  this week -

Kimi to Yukite Saku (a friendship/ bromance rather than a BL  but quite flirty so far and  I really, really liked the first episode)

25 Ji, Akasaka de  

Also  My Stand-In starts airing tomorrow (adapted from a *very* toxic novel which I think they've toned down a fair bit...but the novel was very good even if it's a hard read).

This year I've only watched  Unknown (very much recommended) and The Spirealm (adapted from a danmei novel but subject to censorship, still an excellent drama IMO).

There are folks that keep the BL Drama Lovers Club thread updated on what's coming up.

I did a list a month ago, (see fourth post on this link), but there have been a lot of announcements of new series since then. Even so, there are a lot of the upcoming BL dramas on that list still to air.

The World of BL website has airing calendars, so you know what's coming up each month.

One upcoming one that I'm really looking forward to is,  Monster Next Door and an ongoing one I'd recommend so far is, We Are. This one is so good. I'm really loving it.

Thank you everyone! I'll make sure to check these out!