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need some good vs evil drama - wherein justice is being served, no tragedy pls.  if the main lead is a girl, please no cry babies.  i want strong character for the lead. thanks!

Giant - all time favorite
queen seon duk is just epic both female leads evil and good are too strong
six flying dragons - depends on which side you choose both sides are evil and good
rebel who stole the people - everyone is strong both evil and good. No cry babies just 1 crying giant.
healer ? I guess it counts
chief kim - office thugs
mother Jdrama - best female lead and best written/acted
memory kdrama - lawyer amnesia great plot and best acting
princess man - anti hero vs king

Defendant - prison break style innocent defendant goes against a crazy evil guy
bridal mask - revolutionist against japanese invasion
signal - detectives going against serial killers and stuff #female lead is the lead
Under-rated gem. The guy is too badass for screen
another insane badass - michael
its sweet and all but the female lead is smart and wise and shes up against another smart but evil female lead
excellent plot and evil minds

The Quiz show 2
The Liar game
Bloody monday