recently i watch Money Flower, i know it's not yet finished but for the synopsis it's about revenge, good ost "( also maybe involved marriage, but not with the one who is take revenge

another drama that have this kind plot i watch is Lee Jun Kai

someone could recommend me more drama? doesn't matter it's Japanese,Korea, Taiwan or Thailand

i welcome all of them, i just search the similar plot, melodrama 

Game Rai Game Rak

Sawan Biang

Jam Loey Rak

Missing you( it's a melodrama not revenge but it's a good one)

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen


The whole thai dramas are full of revenge so u may have a look at thai dramas

Empress Ki (historical)

Hotel King

Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

padam,padam. Its also known as: the sound of his & her's heartbeat, Beautiful drama and has some revenge plot with it. Totally underrated drama but its really good, makes you feel things.

Temptation of an Angel

Temptation of a Wife

miss mermaid

Queen of the Game

A Love to Kill

Princess Man


The Devil

Bad Guy


Hundre million stars in the sky / Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi - there is a possible korean remake of this

time between dog and wolf

  • Cain and abel (kdrama)
  • Good bye Mr. Black
  • I'm sorry I love you
  • Innocent Man
  • Maou
  • Ouroboros
  • Taiyou no kisetsu
  • Ryusei no kizuna
  • Bad Guy

temptation of wife

hwang jin yi