Recently I watched Hercai drama in bits and pieces. I got interested. My main concern with any  drama is a Strong FL. In this drama FL is coming out as a strong person. I hope she gets stronger and does not become weak because of love. I like love stories. But my liking comes to an end when ML treats FL badly. In most of the dramas I saw it goes in this way that ML gets forgiveness easily. But FL has to go through a lot. It is injustice. I hope this drama gets more interesting by making FL smart and strong.

I would like to discuss this drama with you friends.

Where did u watch it? Does it have English subs? 


Where did u watch it? Does it have English subs? 

I watched it in YouTube. It has English Subtitles. It is an ongoing drama.

FL is not strong as usual like other dramas  if people find  "tantrum" as sign of strong character then it will be  what i like about this drama is ML is obsessed toward FL he is lion which can't be controlled by anyone when its comes to his grandmother he became lion of circus 

i love when ML fight to world for his love 

even I started watching Hercai after reading few comments here . It's my first Turkish drama & honestly I'm loving it.