I'm looking for something short and sweet. Movie or drama, either works. I just want something that makes you feel good by the end of it? Been watching a lot of heavy stuff lately and I need something lighter :D

For some reason, the first thing that came to mind when I read this is the American movie Flipped. It's so sweet and cute (and this is coming from someone who's not big on teen romance).

High End crush, Exo next door- both light and fluffy 

I recommend you My Secret Romance. It's short fluffy drama with cute scenes. Another one I recommend is Ma Boy. It's short and I find ML really cute. FL is played by Kim So Hyun. For movies I recommend My Little Bride. It's funny and sweet. Hope you find something you will love! ❤

For drama, i would recommend Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Both are (for the most part) light and fluffy rom coms. I recently watched Waikiki season 2 and had great laugh out loud moments! Def give these a try. As per movie, i absolutely adore Sunny and The Beauty on the Inside. Great message and story. 

For feel good movies I suggest:

  • Sunny
  • Miss Granny (there are remakes from other countries now but I recommend the K-version)
  • Splash Splash Love
  • Boy Next Door
  • Have coffee with an angel
  • Noble my love
  • Twenty
  • You drive me crazy

Try movies:

  • Our times
  • Kimi no todoke
  • Crazy thing called love
  • My sassy girl
  • 200 pound beauty
  • Mood of the day
  • Suddenly seventeen 

well intended love

something about 1% 

Put Your Head On My Shoulders

You can also check out this list: https://mydramalist.com/list/E1VxnVj3

Thanks folks! Some of these I've seen, others are new to me. Yay!

Accidentally in Love is light hearted and fun to watch.

For movies, I could only think of Call Me by Your Name (American). Is a feel good movie.