I'm currently watching the untamed and I'm so in love with it so I'm looking for similar kind of dramas or movie when there's BL  or slight yaoi. It need not neccessarily be Chinese.


I listed only these with historical/wuxia settings as you asked for wuxia style.

Men with sword 2 seasons https://mydramalist.com/19888-men-with-sword and https://mydramalist.com/23994-assassin-2 

Love is more than a word https://mydramalist.com/18602-love-is-more-than-a-word 

Till death tear us apart https://mydramalist.com/19366-till-death-tear-us-apart 

A frozen flower (got mature content though) https://mydramalist.com/753-a-frozen-flower 

Guardian (fantasy element, the bromance/chemistry between the 2 male leads is wow) https://mydramalist.com/26035-guardian