The Korean title for The Impossible Heir is Royal Roader (로얄로더). Due to how romanization works, it could also be translated Loyal Roader, Loyal Loader, and Royal Loader. It was difficult to know which one was intended and what any of them meant.

After a teeny bit of searching, I have discovered that it's a term used in video gaming.

"Royalroader (one who walks the royal road) is a term used in the Korean e-Sports League. It is given to a player who won the final in the individual league in his first appearance after Kim Dong-soo won the championship in his first appearance in the individual league. The name 'Royal Roader' came from the name of the road taken by the emperor. " (Korean Wikipedia)

This makes sense that our young players want to come in and win the chaebol war in their first attempt to become like an emperor.

Thanks from me too.  It's a much more prosaic title than "Impossible Heir". And much more insightful.  You can imagine it as all three traversing the royal road. Whereas Impossible heir seems to infer only 1.  Ahhh semantics.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Make great sense to me; thank you for sharing! @kalenahenden  

Thanks so much for sharing your research.