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Hessa Volunteer Staff

I noticed recently that "Also Known as" box became messy by the different names/title. So I'm suggesting having more boxes.

Boxes needed:

  1. Romanized name for drama/movie.
  2. Return the native birth name. (Disappeared after the update).
  3. Nickname for Thai actors/actresses (Nicknames in Thailand are awarded at birth by the family, and some people only know them by their nickname).
  4. English name (Most Chinese actors have an English name, and it is confusing when I search for their Chinese name and I get their English name).
  5. Box for each Simplified and Traditional Chinese character actors/actress name and birth name + drama/movie title. (The Chinese characters are different in the Simplified Chinese and the Traditional Chinese)
  6. Kanji and Hiragana box for Japanese actors/actress name and birth name + dramas/movies titles.
  7. Hangul and Hanja boxes for Korean actors/actress name and birth name + dramas/movies titles.
  8. Former title for dramas/movie (Some dramas/movies change their title before airing).
  9. Worldwide/International title.
  10. Literal title.
  11. Acting title (E.g Kim Myung Soo, even though his stage name in L when singing, he uses Kim Myung Soo as his acting name).

I know it is complicated, but I think it is more organized than just randomly writing them in the "Also Known as" box.

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Hessa Volunteer Staff