I was browsing recommendations for 180 degree longitude passes through us and noticed one of the recommended dramas doesn't seem quite right...


The Eighth Sense (2023) 

- Dark horror vibe

- People get infected (rather than possessed) which makes everyone a potential danger, including yourself

- Sci-fi elements honestly feel more supernatural due to the demonic nature/appearance of the creatures

- Stellar cast pulls off ambitious plotlines

Even the posters are really similar lol

0Recommended by Mic Lo

The same recommendation looks different on Mic Lo's/The Eight Sense's page:



There is something very similar in the aesthetics of the two BL dramas. They both use harsh light and deep shadows to symbolise a problematic states of mind. Both dramas have a main character with an unresolved past that gets in the way of a new love.

0Recommended by Mic Lo

Can you look into it?

Two days ago I also noticed the same problem

Just noticed the same exact recommendation appears on literally every page?

https://prnt.sc/QNQzAkS1tbeF (Move to Heaven)

https://prnt.sc/aeWWjbNsy39F (Nirvana in Fire)

This is happening with some of the recommendations for My Dearest. Instead of what I actually wrote, the following appears:

Both are historical dramas in which the FL marries the ML under a false identity. Both FLs are of a lower class than who they're supposed to be, and both MLs have many secrets and a brother or cousin who seems to be plotting against him.

Up? Still happening, still annoying


https://prnt.sc/F3r4GBQ0E3th (Needles to say, this is not what I wrote in my recommendation)

I have the same problem with my recommandation.

Instead of the text i wrote, the text say:

I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide   


And my recommandations are shows not dramas.