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When in Rome...


When in Rome...

《Tomorrow will always be shittier than today》 

Hello there o7!

My name is Meng and I grew up watching HK and mainland Chinese movies and dramas, mostly action and martial arts (I am sure that as soon as I was born, my dad took me to watch some Bruce Lee movies with him. Thanks dad, that stuff is perfect for an infant!). To this day martial arts and crime movies are one of my favourites.
Other than action-packed stuff, I also enjoy all kinds of `arthouse` festival films but I do not discard any genre as long as the content is good. I *rarely* (almost never) drop dramas, but it sometimes takes me like 2 years to finish them.
I'm a high rater and am well aware that 90% of dramas on my list are rated too highly.

Not sure if you noticed but my favourite drama is Nirvana in Fire.

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 dramas ✤
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My rating scale:

9 - 8.5
8 - 4
3.5 - 1

Nirvana in Fire
Nirvana in Fire II
Almost Nirvana in Fire
Not Nirvana in Fire
Burn it in Fire


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