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《There are two kinds of people: those who are dead, and those who have not been born yet》 

My drama Discovery challenge2018 Drama Challenge

My name is Meng and I am fairly new to dramas, having started watching them in... 2016 I think, but I grew up watching HK and Chinese movies, mostly action and martial arts. To this day martial arts and crime movies are my favourite - I did some MA myself, from aikido and BJJ when I was a kid to a more recent kickboxing or a brief adventure with muay thai. Other than action-packed stuff, I also enjoy all kinds of `artsy` festival movies but I do not discard any genre as long as the content is good. I *never* drop dramas, but it sometimes takes me like 2 years to finish it, hence my rating for some shows might look harsh - it's only because I forced myself to finish it - on the other hand, I overrate all of the shows I liked, so it evens out.
(BTW. If you have any nice crime/action/historical/spy shows with little to zero romance and without useless female leads, drop me a message. Appreciated!)

 When it comes to music, I listen to almost every genre possible in many languages... Korean, Mandarin, Canto, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Cambodian or... Kyrgyz... You name it. 

Oh, I'm not a big fan of Japanese pop music. I used to be an anime fan /for almost 20 years... Thankfully not anymore/ and I have a slight PTSD :D

I am an avid fan of Lau Andy, be it his music or acting skills. I will hunt down and watch all of his movies, sooner or later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First dramaDescendants of The Sun
First Korean dramaDescendants of The Sun
First Hong Kong dramaA Fist Within Four Walls
First Chinese dramaInfernal Affairs
First Thai dramaSotus: The series 
First Taiwanese dramaHIStory: Stay Away From Me
First Japanese dramaBG: Personal Bodyguard
First Filipino drama Hanging Out
First Asian movieask my dad*

*I am sure that as soon as I was born, my dad took me to watch some Bruce Lee movies with him. Thanks dad, that stuff is perfect for an infant! I grew up with HK martial arts masters :) Movies and dramas from all around the world were present in my house forever.

The most favouritest and bestest movie ever?
The New World
It took 無間道 and remade it into something even better than the original. Everything in it was perfect, the plot, the soundtrack, characters... Oh, and all of them look awesome in suits. Especially two of my favourite actors - Park Sung Woong and Lee Jung Jae.
/it's not a remake per-se, but iirc creators were highly influenced by Infernal Affairs/


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