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Hi, just noticed within last 15 mins the lines from the tables I have on my profile have disappeared. 

Hope this can be fixed soon :)

Lol, I was asking before if there was a way to remove them as the normal html to do so wasn't working nor were the options in the preview mode, but was happy that they'd at least gone from the default like we used to have.  But I think we need an option to have either.

Ah I see :D I would like have the lines put back on my tables because it made everything look I agree we should have an option.

I think it works with the lines for certain tables, but for others it works better without, like my table near the top worked better with the lines, but another where I am using a table to align a video that wouldn't align in the centre otherwise, it's best not showing the lines.

And I definitely agree with you wanting them back for your own, as it would work better with the lines, but the background colour variations are really nice as well (really like that new addition, which I don't remember us having before?)

Btw really great profile, so nicely laid out and designed :)

I think we should have an option. I don't like how it looks I didn't ask for mine to be removed so if J-iN could put mine back I would greatly appreciate it :D 

Thanks, your profile looks great too!

We definitely need that option to have either.

And thanks :)

Wow, i can't make anyone happy. I'll try to add an option.


Wow, i can't make anyone happy. I'll try to add an option.


I really like that we have the option now. 

Thanks Ji-N :)

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