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Newest Shows

Please bring back the newest shows. I don't occasionally check MDL since I'm busy with school. I take track of the dramas that I missed through that tab. :(


Newest is pretty much

It's not bro. That's upcoming shows. Newest shows is the opposite side of that spectrum. It's all shows that just started airing downwards. So it wouldn't include upcoming shows at all. 

Yeah that's the one, but I couldn't find it before. 

Before it was on the drop down tab in the header. It might help to put that there again, although it's getting long. 

Skye-N-Rain closed this Oct 12, 2017 07:10 AM

Since about 2 days ago, I noticed that there seems to be something wrong with the shows being listed under the "Newest Shows" category .  Shows that just started airing are not appearing in the "Newest Shows" List. For example, shows like Witch's Court, Mad Dog, Avengers Social Club, Because This Is My First Life should be appearing on the first or second page of the "Newest Shows" List because they have just started airing - and up till 2 days ago they did appear. But they have suddenly disappeared and no matter how many times I try to click on "Newest Shows", those shows are not appearing. The list of shows that do appear seem to be wrong.

I noticed that too. Some upcoming shows appear under the "Newest Shows" category as well, like upcoming shows that will eventually air within the week. For example:

Thanks, I will look into it