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I don't know why but I ADORE the Fengjiu/Dong Hua pairing and find myself impatiently waiting for scenes including them to pop up.  I am sure a lot of people disagree with me but the two actors have such good chemistry.  I hope they get the rights and do a sequel (the pillow book).  I am trying to read it.  Does anyone have a link to the translation??  Also, Fengjiu is just so darn adorable.  That combined with Dong Hua's kind of detached eccentricity and it seems perfect.  It is extremely difficult to play her kind of character and not make me want to gag but this actress succeeds.  Of course I imagine her role is a bit 'easier' acting because Bai Quian's character requires much more subtly. keep in mind I don't act so I really can't know what is harder to act and what isn't. Please, what do you all think?  I feel strangely alone as everyone seems to adore the main couple (who I also like) the most.  Personally, I think I just the twisted pairings, like I was most interested when Bai Quian was Su Su and had to endure so much. 

Yehua and QQ, of course.

Then Moyuan and Siyan

Followed by Sixth and Ghost Princess

Unlike most EL fans, I didn't like DH-FJ pairing. Was so irritated with FJ crying most of the time. So stubborn.
( Fast forwarded their scenes, sorry)
Definitely Ye Hua and Bai Qian!! and then Yan Zhi and Zi Lan 

I honestly at first did not like the DH/FJ couple, but mainly because DH was so cold and FJ was always so annoyingly persistent. 
But then I got to the part about him rubbing his name off of the Three Lives Stone, and FJ trying to carve it on for him, and from that point on, I started really liking them and viewed their relationship in a new light. 
I don't know why I just really, really liked DH and FJ.  Maybe it's because in the U.S. you don't typically see her character in shows and I know it is more common in some of the Chinese and Korean shows I have watched (haven't really found a J-drama that I like).  I thought the characters had great chemistry and because of their differences perhaps room for character growth later--as in he would be less stone cold and she would be a bit more elegant, like BQ.  I didn't really like the romance between ghost princess and 6th (who I have been calling 16th up until now so many names!) because it felt like they threw it in last minute just to give her somebody.  
BQ-YH definitely..

about FJ-DH pairing, i always skip their scene because i really hate this pairing..
she is so shameless, the guy rejected her so many times already..
come on girl, get a grip.. move on..

its already explained that he choose celibacy to save all realm,
and she continue to force her feeling to him just for her selfish personal feeling without considering all realm condition..
sorry, just my opinion..
I think part of the reason I like her is because she is shameless. This drama is chock full of women who are following the rules or at least pretending to follow the rules and she just goes after what she wants. (The scene where she teleports into his bed...priceless)

Also,  I know he chose celibacy but I really think that the reason why he won't be with her because he fears rejection (remember his personal trial ended so abruptly and he continues to have thoughts of her that are anything but innocent although I invite anyone to disagree I like disagreements).  If he knows that the rock says they can't be together, why would he suffer and experience that feeling again? Why would he be in such a nasty mood following his rejection of her?  Why would he take the time to even explain all of this to her when he has never cared enough to do so in the past?  And I am more than certain he would be upset if she married someone else.  Plus, all is fair in love and war and love follows no rules, otherwise I doubt half these people would choose such painful (and one-sided) loves. 
And I think it takes a lot of guts to continue to pursue somebody even if they turn you down (fortunately she doesn't turn into a creepy stalker seeking to stop him from being with anyone else...like Si Jin, for instance).  At the end of the day, the episodes I find myself liking the most are the ones inevitably with FJ-DH although I do really like BQ-YH.  Anyways, I think my level of like is expressed by the sheer fact that I am responding to this post still :D   
Interesting.  I just started reading the pillow book and listen to this 'However, her aunt Bai Qian did raise her with an understanding of the
greater good. For example, Bai Qian once told Fengjiu that the most important thing in being a deity was to not be afraid of losing face, because being shameless was also a sort of courage as it allowed one to bravely take that first step. No matter what, as long as she wasn’t afraid of embarrassment and kept hanging on, she would succeed in the long run.' So BQ actually encouraged her to be shameless, although I may be taking it out of context!
the way i see it, DH doesn't love FJ as man love woman.. he care for her just like a man care for his pet..
obviously he can't give her what she want in real world, but at least he can give it to her in the fake world..
which is the heavenly trial
and its not because of love, but he did it because he pity her..

the feeling he had while in heavenly trial doesn't count, because its a fake world to him..
he is not who he is, he is just normal guy without celibacy status..
he is playing the role of different man..
Once you read pillow book I guarantee your opinion will change not only does he love her.....He is sort of willing to do anything to get her because their fate is not tied.  So he essentially forces destiny.  I don't want to spoil the plat but he is one of the most shameless and less morally upright characters in the series. And they actually explain why he is able to be not so good.
@Tongko, if only I could upvote you... 

Haven't read the pillowbook yet but on EL, FJ was as stubborn as Su Jin and Xuan Nu.  Those 3 did not understand the word "NO". 

The only difference was, FJ was a protagonist (of course 2nd lead), while the latter two were villains. 

Perhaps I'll change my mind after I read the Pillow Book. 
Read it!  I still haven't read the novel version of Eternal Love but since reading Pillow Book I can say that 1. Dong Hua is written to be more sarcastic in the novel (his wit had me laughing out loud; a very intelligent character) 2.  Dong Hua never once noticed FJ as a maid or even knew she was the fox he was keeping, an important plot point in pillow book; he thinks their first meeting occurs at the wedding of BQ/YH 3.  DH has a unique 'love' development in the Pillow Book and his ruthlessness to ensure that he and FJ are together is surpassed only by FJ's low intelligence (it is quite entertaining to read because her reasoning seems so sound from her POV, making it in no way annoying but when you take a step out of head you can't help but think she is dumber than a sack of rocks) 4.The evolution of his feelings from indifference to curiosity (he is quite sadistic and enjoys tormenting those around him) to love 5. Very, very similar to Eternal Love is this theme of 'three lives, three worlds' and unlike in the t.v. show, we actually get er, um uncensored love scenes.  Apparently DH likes to French kiss a lot.
And she actually leaves (i.e. gives up her pursuit of DH) much earlier in the novel.  She expressly leaves (I don't want to give away a spoiler) because of a significant event in DH's life and her reasoning is clearly stated that even though she is shameless, even she has to know when to give up because she is afraid of turning into a hateful woman (like Xuan Nu or Su Jin).  So she leaves and sort of buries her feelings for him.  I think if you read pillow back you will laugh and cry (like I did at the ending OMG I can only say that thank goodness I actually read the epilogue).
Ah Ro and Sam Mek Jong from Hwarang!!!!
i haven't read the pillow book yet too.. 
this drama isn't based on the pillow book, its based on the first book..
which i haven't read either..

my opinion is based from what i saw in the this drama..
beside, most drama adaptation dont fully adapt the novel 100%, they change it here and there.. 
Fave pairing QQ and YH / QQ and MY /Ghost princess and 6th bro :D
I liked Dong Hua and Feng Jiu by themselves not together. Feng Jiu was like crazy Xuan Nu and Su Jin, too obsessive so I skiped her parts wiht DH.
I don't get why you would simply refuse to respect a person's choice, thoughts or feelings, only validate yours yet claim you love. Like guccigall said Feng Jiu gets a pass because she's not labelled villain and didn't hurt others, but she forces herself on the guy and refuses to stop just like the other psychos. lol
What I really liked with QQ, YH, MY, 6th bro and ghost princess is how they showed for them there was still more to life than romancing your crush, but really how they simply respected the others' feelings rather then force in theirs. All the others were selfishly obsessed with the excuse of love.