I am disturbed by two key underlying ideas which surface in the description of this series.  First of all there's the notion here  that "gay men" typically "molest" young boys. This is a damaging lie which gay men have had to fight against around the world for decades, indeed centuries, in order simply to be recognised as decent human beings - not criminals. Of course, there are boys who experience sexual abuse by men.  But -  if a young girl is molested by an adult male, we call it "pedophilia" - and that's what it should be called in the case of a boy too.  In fact, there is a huge body of evidence about men who abuse young boys:  in the vast majority of cases they absolutely do not identify as homosexual.  Most utterly reject a "gay" identity and have no interest in relationships with men. In fact, many are married heterosexual men.  

Secondly, I am uncomfortable with the idea here that a man becomes "homophobic" because he has been abused in childhood by a "gay" man. This now excuses all forms of homophobia as the result of wrong-doing by ... guess who, gay men. Thus if a man is homophobic - like one of the main characters here - we are encouraged to seem him as an innocent victim who is "understandably" homophobic  because of what he suffered at the hands of a "gay" abuser earlier in life. 

It's a bit startling to find such truly damaging and defamatory homophobic notions forming the basis of a BL "love" story in 2019. At the end of the day, it seems, gay men are at fault for .... everything. Even homophobia.

I got kinda lost in your 'summary' of the first episode because I did not get the feeling at all that gay men are cursed at and the 'cause' of every bad thing. Only Type is strongly against gays and views gays in a bad way and sorry but no one is excusing his shitty attitude towards gays. And the only people who view Type as innocent human did not read the book obviously since later it is proven that he is indeed shitty and uses Tharn which I found very saddening? 

Also in every media I came across that had child rape whether it was girl/boy it was still named pedophilia. So I cannot seem to see where is the problem u are seeing....

If this is the basis of the storyline, then it is rightful to dissuade possible viewers to watch it simply because as you mentioned, "gay being molesters and pedophiles" and "homophobia" are the bases for this storyline. 

I seem to disagree with this though but if the author must have integrated these bases, then I will have to wait and watch until the last episodes of the justification of these bases. Then from there, I will form a conclusion but stating the bases of the story based from the 1st episode seems premature, don't you think?

As a gay man, this kind of storyline is not really delved yet in Thai BL's I believe or I might be wrong. So, it's kind of refreshing but at the same time risky on the part of the producers, screenwriters and director/s.

I also respectfully disagree with the OP. Here is why:

1) I think Type hasn't said out loud "I hate gays because of what a gay man did to me". If he ever says that, and if the characters around him don't correct him, then maybe you have a point. I have definitively seen comments that say, "Oh poor Type, look at what a gay man did to him so now he hates gays". But Type hasn't said that so far, has he?

2) I did date a guy once who was molested as a child and let me tell you, I am really liking this show because of how many things that have gotten right about this topic. For example, notice that Type is afraid of physical intimacy and becomes child-like when someone threatens him. This is not made up. This is real. It happens and I have seen it with my own eyes. And the shitty attitude and using people that many readers of the online novel talk about? True. We broke up and I am no longer friends with this person. It sounds harsh but I can honestly tell you that sexual abuse really hollows a person and it really requires someone special and it requires the survivor to feel a connection with that person (so no, I don't blame him for being shitty, he was shitty because thats how he learn to cope, and no I don't think he is a bad person)

3) Concerning the OPs comment about survivors of abuse hating gays... Now, I don't know about homophobia the way that it is portrayed here, which is kind of a bit too much but I can tell you again that in my experience survivors of abuse do develop a sense of dislike for gay people. It depends on the person but some definitively do. Heck, some gay people that have been bullied all their life but never abused also hate gays. In the case of the guy I dated, that was actually how he explained being gay. He was "made gay" by the abuse. He hated not only his abuser but himself. So, yeah, they sometimes don't want to be in a relationship. Now, the other gay guy who I met who was also abused ended up married to another man but that took YEARS. Before that, he tried to date girls, denied being gay, and made fun of other gays and he considered being called gay a bad thing.

4) This show is made in Thailand and regardless of how much we love them for the BL they give us, Thailand is still a relatively conservative country. I think we need to cut them some slack if they don't get some stuff right or if they don't portray all gays in a positive light. I mean, the creepy pedophile who likes little boys is a trope used in TV, and they are always portrayed in a specific way but guess what? A lot of pedophiles are not white balding or greying old men. Some pedophiles are in their 20s and some don't look creepy and some are WOMEN!

5) Finally, we need to wait for the show to conclude before judging. I am here defending it but only based on what I have seen so far. If they go down a certain road, well yeah I will come here and bash and trash them. However, we need to wait for them to finish the story. They can revindicate themselves with a finale that explains things in a different light...

I will say, so far the only thing that bothered me was the trope of the pedophile who has a certain "look", who is a stranger, and who uses physical means to coerce his victims. In reality, it is someone you know, in a position of power over the child. But I am fine with the stereotype because it makes viewing the abuse scene a bit less uncomfortable than if it was say, his dad or his coach. Besides, we only saw HIS memory of what happened. Maybe this is not a real memory and he has made his abuser look a lot creepier and maybe he was never tied to a chair or locked and he just tells himself that to feel better about having "allowed" himself to be abused? This happens too!

In conclusion, let's give them a break and wait until we have all the pieces of the puzzle.