Hi, I am making this post for anyone who likes to know when a certain event takes, such as first kisses when the leads get together if there are any breakups, and anything else that pertains to the show. WARNING this post WILL contain spoilers, so please do not view it if you want the surprise factor in your watching. Okay now here are some timestamps/spoilers for She and Her Perfect Husband:

Ep 1. First kiss
 Ep 3. Leads decide to have a contract relationship
 Ep 5. Yang Hua moves in with Qin Shi
 Ep 18. Leads get married, Yang Hua confesses
 Ep 21. Leads become a couple
 Ep 31. Yang Hua reunites with his first love
 Ep 36. Leads get a divorce
 Ep 40. Leads get back together

My rating: 7

Thank you for your effort