This drama has beautiful poems, I love them so much.  Let's put them together in this topic.

[Episode 5]

by Lee Mon Jae

When you're faced with something beautiful,
if you think of someone you wish was by your side,
you're in love.

When you're faced with quiet scenery or delicious food,
if no one comes to mind,
you are either really strong or really lonely.

Good idea! I like the poems in this drama as well.

[Episode 5]

It's Okay If You Don't Love Me
by Lee Jung Ha

It's okay if you don't acknowledge me.
A new leaf will sprout,
even under the cold rain
and the stars will come out,
even if clouds cover it.
It's okay if you don't offer me a hand.
I blazed up like a dry leaf
as someone who couldn't say a word.
I'm okay with being in one-sided love,
and then becoming love myself.
My love, it's okay if you don't love me.

[Episode 4]

Standing Close
by Ki Sa In

Her bent back collects newspapers and cardboard boxes,
Her work pants are loose on her shrunken body,
When a car enters the alley, she stands close to the side.
With her small cart which is her only flesh and blood,
Standing close in solitude,
Like a spider on a dirty cement wall,
Like an old sting ray at the bottom of a water tank.
Standing low and close to a gray wall.

Once the car passes, the grandmother who was like crinkled paper,
Slowly straightens out again.
The cart’s wheels follow her at her heels like young goats.
If I think about the worn out television that will turn on in that room
If I think about the tilted sink, pots, and pans
And the bent back that will stand in front of it.
I choke up.
If I think about the rag in the corner which she has probably wrung out

[Episode 6] 


by Choi Bum Young

If you can't say you're hurt when you feel hurt, you're not family.

If you can't say you're happy when you're happy, you're not family. 

A sweet and soft ice cream cone isn't enough to make a family.

Pain, happiness and love must be shared, 

and you must endure all hardships in prayer until you can feel good together.

That's how we become a family.

You must be able to express your sadness 

and be able to cry together to be a family. 

You must be able to express your happiness 

and be able to be happy for one another to be a family.

You must feel like you're under the same blanket no matter where you are.

[Episode 1]

Pain and Sadness Can Also Become a Path
by Lee Chul Hwan

I realized this after a long time of pain.
That pain can also become a path.
There is no life where no wind blows.
The wind must blow, so that the tree will root deep inside the earth,
so that it won't fall over.

That is why the wind shakes the trees.
That is why the wind shakes all of us.

Pain can also become a path.
Sadness can also become a path.

[Episode 2]

A Fresh Start
by Oh Bo Young

I untangled the twisted knot.
I also took out the thorn.
Without lingering attachment or regret
I straightened out my position.
I let the twisted relationships go.
With a lighthearted feeling and a confident mindset
I erased yesterday with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Every Moment is Like a Flower Bud
by Jung Hyun Jong

At times, I regret it.
What happened back then might have been a gold mine.
That person back then,
and that object back then could have been a gold mine.
I should have gotten closer to you,
and talked to you more.
I should have listened to you more,
and loved you more.
I wonder if I sent you off as if I was hard of hearing.
As if I was absent-minded.
I should have loved those moments more.
Every moment is like a flower bud.
A flower bud that blooms when I'm eager.

[Episode 3]

First Meeting
by Ha Geum Joo 

I'm very thankful to you, who treated me like a flower
when life was the coldest.
I was stepped on a lot,
and never got any attention on this journey.
By meeting you, I met a new me.

I'm very thankful to you, who treated me like a flower
when life was the coldest.

I Like You
by Kim Yong Taek

One spring day,
I saw your love
light up my backyard with happiness
which was once dark, under the shade.

You, who called me out of the darkness with your love.
With bright light that can only come from darkness
you stood in front of me and smiled like a wild flower.

Ah, even the thought of you makes me happy.

[Episode 7]

The Cricket and I
by Yoon Dong Joo

The cricket and I had a chat on the grass.
Cricket, cricket. Cricket, cricket.
We promised to keep our chat a secret between the two of us.
Cricket, cricket. Cricket, cricket.
The cricket and i chatted under the bright moonlight.

by Jung Ho Seung

The fall rain only loves withered leaves.
I felt so jealous that i tumbled about in the withered leaves
until the fall rain stopped.

[Episode 8]

To You
by Lee Jonghwa

You're everything.

All the paths lead up to you
All the songs are meant for you
and I'm blinded by your light

I can only see you in a crowd
of countless people in the plaza.
I see you in every flower along the streets.

I see you in the coffee I make time to drink.
I can picture you along the mountain hills where the sun sets.

Everything in this world looks different now
and "waiting" no longer exists in my dictionary.

I'm always close to you.

The Point of No Return
by Kim Chulhyun

Leaving the person you love
and turning around,
as you no longer love them.

Hiding the pain in your heart
and turning around,
as if it doesn't really hurt.

Hiding your unwanted parting
and turning around,
as if it doesn't matter.

Holding back your tears
and turning around,
as if you're not weak.

If you love that person,
you can't turn back,
because you love them.

[Episode 9]

by Kim Yongtaek

As I think of you,
if I look at the mountains on a rainy day in May
I run out of breath completely.
Please have me before I run out of breath.

by Yoo Ahnjin

 I'm ashamed to say that until now
I only cried for myself.
My most painful cries
still only come out for myself.

How much older do I need to get to grow a bigger heart
and how much taller does my heart need to get
before I can cry for someone else?

My eyes can only see myself on the most sorrowful days.
My ears can only hear my laugh on the most happy days.
I've never realized how imperfect my heart is.
I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

[Episode 10]

It Only Rained After You Left
by Yeo Rim

It only rained after you left.
The rain turned into heavy rain
and i pictured you sitting in the bus
with an upset expression on your face.

I felt my heart becoming sore.
There are times when people can't be comforted by words.

I sit blankly while looking out the window.
And even when i close my eyes as if i'm tired,
a part of my consciousness becomes that much clearer.

It only rained after you left.
In every street corner where i send you off.

Old Flame
by Choi Young Mi

Even though it was a flame that i stole away just for a while,
as long as i felt the warmth, I forgot all my fears and sorrow.

It felt warm.

I'm thankful for everything you've done for me,
as well as everything you haven't done for me.

Wow amazing line.Heart touching words.

I actually looked for Lee Moon Jae's joke and I found imo a better translation.

[Episode 5]

by Lee Mon Jae

All of a sudden feeling something beautiful,
thinking how great if someone were by my side
and how if a face came up, yours
would be the one I love.

Profound landscape.
Before a properly flavorful meal
a person who never thought of anyone
truly, that is a strong one,
or perhaps a truly lonely one.

To send the bell sound even farther
so must the bell be made to hurt even more.

[Episode 11]

What a Fool You Are
by Shin Hyun Gyun

You can't spit out your gum wherever you please,
so you run over to a garbage [can] after wrapping it in a tissue.
What a fool you are.

It'd be so much quicker if you sneak out of a doggy door,
but you take the long route to use the main doors.
What a fool you are.

When you see a man whose face is covered in coal,
you needlessly bow to greet him.
What a fool you are.

You cry all by yourself because a strict teacher is transferring
when no one else is crying.
What a fool you are.

What's the big deal about that anyway?

You squat in front of a dandelion
and stare at it for quite a while.
What a fool you are.

No matter how much i boast with a bunch of lies,
you nod along with me with your eyes opened wide.
What a fool you are.

When I call you a fool, you just smile back.
What a huge fool you are.

Then, what am I? I like you so much,
that i follow you around as if I'm your shadow.

What does that make me?

by Jung Yeon Bok

There is no person in this world who was never hurt.
Being covered in scratches after a long day
is just life.

Let's not hide our pain.
We're only human because we're hurt.
Wounds can only be healed alongside another wound.