BTS in Kdramas

This is the list of Korean Dramas that mentioned or referenced BTS. I made this list to compile the countless dramas that constantly included BTS throughout the years due to their relevance and another form of proof how they're the biggest artist in the world that represents Korea.

1-43 : Kdramas where BTS was specifically mentioned about their impact, popularity or being a fan of them.
 44-53 : Kdramas where they used BTS as references in objects, characters, music, etc.
54-79 : Kdramas where they sing and dance to BTS songs or randomly play their music in the background.
80-81 : Bonus - BTS being mentioned in Japanese dramas.
82 : Special - Drama adaptation of BTS Universe aka fictional storyline "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life".

I can't post the cut videos/screenshots here in MyDramaList, but you can easily search it in Twitter ("title + BTS") where some ARMYs who watched the dramas already posted about it.

uchuudrop Dec 27, 2023
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