I often get asked by a lot of people to recommend Japanese dramas, so here's my list of MUST WATCH Japanese dramas.

There are a lot more fantastic dramas but this is a list that I feel is more palatable for a general audience, especially those who are relatively new to J dramas and have yet to explore the range that J dramas provide. And yes, Japan makes dramas beyond manga adaptations, and makes dramas from a variety of genres that is unparalleled when compared to other Asian countries. You could think of any topic / any industry and you'll be able to find a Japanese drama / movie on it. Challenge me on it!

Genres / General Tags included in this list - slice of life,  medical, mystery / suspense, psychological, revenge, thriller, musical, romance, friendship, family, action, time travel, tragedy, historical fiction, sci-fi, legal, comedy, horror, LGBTQ+

Please do read the tags for triggers as some of the darker dramas may make you uncomfortable.

Do feel free to reach out to me if you can't find a particular drama, or are looking for dramas from a specific genre / type.

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  • Nijiiro Karute

    1. Nijiiro Karute

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 9 episodes


    Picture watching a rainbow at the end of the day . That's what this drama is. One of the warmest and loving slice of life dramas I've seen, with the most beautiful characters.

  • Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

    2. Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

    Japanese Drama - 2011, 11 episodes


    One murder. Two broken families, and two broken souls whose love is doomed from the get go. Keep your tissues ready, as their interactions will make you cry. A masterpiece human drama, with brilliant performances by everybody especially Mitsushima Hikari, Nagayama Eita and Kazama Shinsuke, and sensitive writing by the one and only Sakamato Yuji. 

  • Okaeri Mone

    3. Okaeri Mone

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 120 episodes


    A really tender portrayal of dealing with grief and overcoming it. An informative drama about our planet and weather, and how the sea, sky and mountains are all linked together. A healing and mature romance between the leads, filled with respect and companionship, who have now become one of my favourite pairings. A beautiful score, with great scenery and cinematography. Thought-provoking and sensitive conversations, with characters you want to root for. A fantastic cast, led by the effortless Kiyohara Kaya as Mone. 

  • Zeni Geba

    4. Zeni Geba

    Japanese Drama - 2009, 9 episodes


    A revenge story that doesn't just consume the protagonist's victims, but throws the protagonist into a dark abyss of no return. A story full of desolation and darkness that is not for the faint hearted. Easily Matsuyama Kenichi's best performance, and one of the best dramas from the revenge genre.

  • Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai

    5. Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    A refreshing and entertaining family drama, full of witty and fun banters. Ikuta Toma was flawless in this.

  • Grace no Rireki

    6. Grace no Rireki

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes


    A heartwarming and wholesome journey of a man on a beautiful red Honda tracing his wife's last steps throughout Japan in what turned out to be a liberating experience for him. This was by no means a romantic drama, but it was all about the love and devotion the FL had for her husband. They were companions and her death set him out on this journey where he learnt to grieve, reconcile his past, and come out of his shell a little more.

  • Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

    7. Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

    Japanese Drama - 2013, 11 episodes


    What a wonderful and feel-good drama featuring the air force, with beautiful character development, inspiring stories, and a wholesome romance. Beautifully written, with sincere performances by Aragaki Yui, Ayano Go and Shibata Kyohei, who you can't help but root for, this hit all the right spots. A pure 10 in every aspect!

  • Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite Iru

    8. Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite Iru

    Japanese Special - 1997, 5 episodes


    An almost documentary-like drama of a deaf woman's journey from her childhood to adulthood, with one of the most caring and sensitive male lead ever, and lots of growth for all involved. A beautiful lesson in what it means to be 'family' and the importance of looking at the person, not the illness.

  • Brush Up Life

    9. Brush Up Life

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 10 episodes


    A wholesome time-travel drama about doing the best you can for the people you love sprinkled with heartwarming friendships, tons of nostalgia and the quintessential Japanese banter. An A1 drama all around with a cast that had natural, crackling chemistry together.
    Thank you Bakarhythm for this gem with my favourite actors.

  • Kazoku Game

    10. Kazoku Game

    Japanese Drama - 2013, 10 episodes


    A unique and unconventional story of a teacher who sets out to expose a family's darkest secrets only for them to discover what's truly important. Easily Sakurai Sho's most memorable performance to date. Just BRILLIANT.

  • Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu

    11. Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 8 episodes


    A profound drama exploring lessons in ethics and critical thinking; dramas like these set Japanese cinema apart from its Asian counterparts.

  • Hokuto

    12. Hokuto

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 5 episodes


    A tragic, tight-scripted tale of a boy who society failed to protect, brilliantly acted by Nakayama Yuma, with some of the most realistic portrayal of a legal proceeding I've seen in a drama. This is not for the faint hearted.

  • Nagi no Oitoma

    13. Nagi no Oitoma

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    A feel-good coming of age story about healing, growth and self-love, and beautiful character development with a very sincere perfomance by Kuroki Haru, and the brilliant Takahashi Issei.

  • Prism

    14. Prism

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 9 episodes


    "There are things you don't understand until you're part of them."
    A thought-provoking and sensitive script elevated by beautiful performances and a wonderful score, this drama was one-of-a-kind that only Japan could achieve with such care given it's delicate and complex subject matter. Much to my surprise, it was a healing experience that moved me to tears many a times, and taught me to move forward.

  • Owakare Hospital

    15. Owakare Hospital

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 4 episodes


    "Dying is terrifying."
    "I still don't understand it quite well."
    "But no matter what death awaits us, I am me and you are you."

    A contemplative and powerful 4 episode drama depicting the transient nature of our existence, with a beautiful lesson in marching forward, and 'living' amidst the gloom surrounding us. With stellar writing, understated performances, a wonderful score, and stunning cinematography, this hit all the right spots. I cannot recommend this gem enough.

  • Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita

    16. Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    A riveting and refreshing story about idol culture, with brilliant writing and believable performances. This drama will speak to everybody on so many levels. 

  • Konto ga Hajimaru

    17. Konto ga Hajimaru

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    This drama truly found me at the right time, because there were many points at which it made me feel vulnerable like they were watching me, and bringing my struggle to life in third person. I don't tear up easily but I teared up so many times when watching this drama. In fact, some of the happier moments made me tear up even more (which is very rare). It was such an enriching and uplifting experience about growing up and facing life.

    The screenwriting style was very unique and clever with the way sketches framed the various themes each episode. The entire cast had great chemistry and played off each other really well. The acting and writing was freaking A1. I binged it at one go because I was so immersed, and snapped out of it only when it ended. I totally forgot that they were acting.

    I will miss these characters :(

  • Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san

    18. Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 8 episodes


    A wholesome, and cozy drama for the soul, depicting the beauty of friendship and the pangs of first love between our leads Nishikata and Takagi, with natural and heartfelt performances by Kurokawa Souya and Tsukishima Rui. Their conversations, their smiles, the teasing, and the flirtation mixed with awkwardness warmed my heart, and took me back to the days when I was an innocent young girl with a simple life dreaming of a love and companionship like theirs. Takagi and Nishikata will Iive in my heart forever.
    Can't wait for the movie!

  • Kono yo no Hate

    19. Kono yo no Hate

    Japanese Drama - 1994, 12 episodes


    Hailed as the darkest love story to be released in the 90s, this is a raw and heartbreaking depiction of a toxic love story that spirals and consumes the leads, with brilliant performances by the trio. I wish we had more real love stories like these which depict three people who were not meant for each other, rather than the usual 'happy endings' neatly tied with a bow.

  • Watashi wo Hanasanaide

    20. Watashi wo Hanasanaide

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 10 episodes


    Set in a dystopian world, a heartwrenching tale of clones who were produced for eventual organ harvesting. This will leave you depressed. You have been warmed.

  • Koisenu Futari

    21. Koisenu Futari

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 8 episodes


    A first-of-a-kind drama exploring asexuality. A thought-provoking and sensitively written drama with delicate story-telling and beautiful acting by the one and only Takahashi Issei.

  • Saka no Tochu no Ie

    22. Saka no Tochu no Ie

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 6 episodes

  • Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto

    23. Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 4 episodes


    "I like to think that the peculiarity of people with mental illness simply lies in their ability to read even the smallest of signs. In other words, we shouldn't try to damage their beauty"  ;

    A tender and powerful drama about mental health.

  • Iari: Mienai Kao

    24. Iari: Mienai Kao

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 6 episodes


    Expect the unexpected, all the way to the end.
    Eerie, dark and gripping mystery, with a clever plot conveying various themes of greed, deception, loss, infidelity, bullying amongst others, stunning cinematography and a fitting score that heightened the tension and emotions both for the viewer and the characters.
    An A1 drama all around. Highly recommended!

  • Higuma

    25. Higuma

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 10 episodes


    This bear will teach you a thing or two about living, and being content with whatever little we have. The ultimate feel-good mini drama with just 5 mins per episode :)

  • Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

    26. Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 9 episodes


    Set against the backdrop of WW2, this was a bittersweet and inspiring story about family bonding, love, community support and overcoming loss and grief, with one of the most beautiful love stories I've seen in a while. Beautifully scored, picturised and acted, this is a pure 10  in every aspect.

  • Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    27. Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    A painfully real depiction of how society treats those who are different. A refreshing story in the LGBTQ+ genre.

  • Kaidan Botan Doro: Beauty & Fear

    28. Kaidan Botan Doro: Beauty & Fear

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 4 episodes


    An exquisite story of love, lust, revenge, loyalty and hatred, carried by fantastic performances, a great story &  an A1 score. A one-of-a-kind drama inspired by Japanese folklore.

  • Silent

    29. Silent

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 11 episodes

  • Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi

    30. Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi

    Japanese Drama - 2013, 12 episodes


    You just can't go wrong with Nagayama Eita and Matsuda Ryuhei. A really quirky, unique drama that I don't know how to describe, and can only say 'WATCH IT'.

  • More than Words

    31. More than Words

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 10 episodes


    A sad coming-of-age story focusing on the journey of 3 friends from adolescence to adulthood, filled with deep bonding, love, yearning and heartbreak. The smooth direction, nuanced writing, and powerful performances of the leads made this a great watch.

  • 3 Nen A Gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi Desu

    32. 3 Nen A Gumi: Ima kara Mina-san wa, Hitojichi Desu

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    A powerful drama that forces you to think before you act and teaches you the way our thoughts shape our behaviour, and consequently how that creates a powerful ripple effect on the lives of others.  This should be made mandatory viewing for all. Also, this drama wouldn't have been as impactful if not for Suda Masaki's fantastic performance. 

  • Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru

    33. Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 10 episodes


    A drama for the sensitive souls; a lesson on self-love, self-care and healing, with an underrated Takahashi Issei whose smile will melt your heart each time.

  • The Attorney Is the Devil

    34. The Attorney Is the Devil

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 8 episodes


    What is punishment? What is atonement? Probably one of the best legal dramas I've seen.

  • Kou Kou Kyoushi

    35. Kou Kou Kyoushi

    Japanese Drama - 1993, 11 episodes


    A hauntingly beautiful love story that will leave you depressed. Those raw emotions, the way they looked at each other, the electricity felt with each touch.. where do I even begin about this drama? Easily one of the best student/teacher themed romance dramas I have seen, though it was more than just romance.

    Romance aside, this is an uncomfortable watch that I'd recommend only for an open-minded and mature audience. There are themes of rape, violence, incest, nudity, homosexuality etc so please watch with caution. The resolutions may not be what you're looking for but you got to watch it for what it is, and the time it was set in. This drama definitely didn't sugercoat things and will evoke disgust at some point.

  • Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoshi

    36. Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoshi

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 9 episodes


    A smart witty female lead, and an empathetic flirty male lead; oh man, I didn't know how much I was craving for something like this. Their banter was fun yet healing. They challenged each other all the time and were equals in every way despite being teacher / student. Only Japan could put a twist on something that appears creepy into something that was so heartwarming, deep and fun. It was all thanks to the writing which was always self-aware, and the leads who had natural, crackling chemistry. I can see myself rewatching this when I am bored.

  • Joshi-teki Seikatsu

    37. Joshi-teki Seikatsu

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 4 episodes


    "In a heart that stood strong alone, waves are created."
    "The lionfish looks like an aloof existence but apparently, it's capable of teamwork too. It's beautiful and poisonous but it's not just that. Don't you think that's the best?"

    A heartwarming, endearing and sensitive mini-drama, with a nuanced performance by Shison Jun as a transgender lesbian woman, who taught me a little more about acceptance, self-love and being kind. I fell in love with her grace, her strength, and her wit. Machida Keita's character was a lovely addition as well, who won my heart with his spirit and honesty.

  • Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

    38. Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

    Japanese Drama - 2006, 12 episodes


    A quirky, and heartwarming drama about an awkward, eccentric and lonely 40 year old. Hiroshi Abe is Japan's answer to Mr Bean. I cracked up when he listened to classical music each night. You can't dislike this drama.

  • Henshin

    39. Henshin

    Japanese Drama - 2014, 5 episodes


    A riveting and provocative drama centering around an ordinary and kind man whose life is thrown into chaos, confusion and darkness after an unethical brain transplant procedure is performed on him, with a fantastic performance by Kamiki Ryunosuke.
    An A1 drama even with its flaws.
    Highly recommended for those who enjoy darker psychological and medical dramas.

  • Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store

    40. Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 10 episodes


    Wacky, unpredictable and clever. Even the actors couldn't stop laughing. 

  • Long Vacation

    41. Long Vacation

    Japanese Drama - 1996, 11 episodes


    A mature, adult romance of our leads who begin cohabiting, with an A1 score.

  • Byakuyako

    42. Byakuyako

    Japanese Drama - 2006, 11 episodes


    A murder for love and due to love, and a journey of two broken souls who are unable to meet under the sun thereafter; beautifully heartbreaking, depressing yet captivating.

  • Juhan Shuttai!

    43. Juhan Shuttai!

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 10 episodes


    A heartwarming, positive and inspring drama set against the backdrop of a company that makes mangas, with the evergreen Kuroki Haru.

  • Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi

    44. Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi

    Japanese Drama - 2002, 11 episodes


    A heartbreaking, forbidden love story of two lonely, broken souls.

  • Golden Bowl

    45. Golden Bowl

    Japanese Drama - 2002, 11 episodes


    A simple, feel-good romcom about 2 easy-going, smart, and charming adults who strike a friendship over bowling, and fall in love with each other slowly. A rare drama with zero negativity and leads who communicated constantly, and yet remained imperfect in their own ways. The supporting characters were really likeable and fun too. Time flew by with this one. It just flowed beautifully and ended in the best way it could. As charming as a classic could be, and should be!

  • Omameda Towako to Sannin no Motootto

    46. Omameda Towako to Sannin no Motootto

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    And Sakamato Yuji did it again.
    A charming, relatable & quirky drama filled with interesting characters, rich interactions & their delightful stories; this was a fulfilling watch in every way. I'm gonna miss the banter between all the characters so so much. In the months of watching this, I grew so attached to all of them. They truly felt like home.

  • Aishiteiru to Ittekure

    47. Aishiteiru to Ittekure

    Japanese Drama - 1995, 12 episodes


    A passionate and realistic love story between a young and immature beautiful woman and an older aged mature deaf man. Hands down, one of the most romantic Japanese dramas to date.

  • Tsuma, Shogakusei ni Naru

    48. Tsuma, Shogakusei ni Naru

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 10 episodes


    A wonderful slice of life drama that leaves you feeling warm and loved, like you were given a big hug. Maida Nono's nuanced and beautiful peformance as a  40 year old and a 10 year old made me laugh, and cry throughout its run. 

  • Tiger & Dragon

    49. Tiger & Dragon

    Japanese Drama - 2005, 11 episodes


    Initially, I wanted to put a disclaimer that only people who understand and love Japanese humour should watch this but I loved it so so much that I'd love everyone to see it and appreciate it.
    WHAT A FREAKING CLASSIC. All the characters, their comic timing, the chemistry they had together - it was a freaking riot. I laughed my ass off after a long time. Not only was it funny, but had so much heart. I rooted for and fell in love with each and every character. The writing was stellar, the editing & direction was pitch perfect. No words for the acting because it didn't seem like they were acting at all.

    P.S  Make sure you watch the special episode first.

  • Nanyobi ni Umareta no

    50. Nanyobi ni Umareta no

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 9 episodes


    A unique drama that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its run, filled with unique yet real characters. This one's addictive, fun and bingeworthy. Great combination of mystery, romance and slice-of-life. Nojima Shinji is back with a bang after so many years!

  • Tenno no Ryoriban

    51. Tenno no Ryoriban

    Japanese Drama - 2015, 12 episodes


    Based on true events, this was a heartwarming and inspiring story of a man's journey from a lazy bum to becoming the Emperor's cook, led by Satoh Takeru who delivered a sincere performance as a hardworking yet flawed and selfish man. He was good, but Suzuki Ryohei and Kuroki Haru stole the show for me with their wonderful performances as the two characters your heart broke for. It is no wonder they say that behind every successful person, there's always a helping hand. In this case, it was Toshiko's silent strength and dedication, Shutaro's unwavering support and his father's tough yet unconditional love for Tokuzo that allowed him to neglect everything and pursue his dreams. I loved that Tokuzo came to realise this in the final arc of the drama.
    Beautifully written, acted, scored and picturised all around.
    Highly recommend this gem for all!

    P.S Je t'aime has taken on a new meaning for me thanks to this drama <3

  • Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!

    52. Uchi no Musume wa, Kareshi ga Dekinai!!

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    A fun yet sensitive story of a ditzy mother and her mature otaku daughter; friendship, romance, some tears and loads of smiles. A cast with great chemistry together and likeable characters. You'd want to be a part of their world so bad.

  • Todome no Kiss

    53. Todome no Kiss

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 10 episodes


    A unique and  unpredictable drama in the time travel genre about a man who goes back in time with a kiss. It's worth a watch.

  • Quartet

    54. Quartet

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 10 episodes


    A story of 4 strangers who form a band together, filled with loads of memorable dialogues and scenes, and wonderful chemistry between an A1 cast. Everything was on point in this drama.

  • dele

    55. dele

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 8 episodes


    Yamada Takayuki and Suda Masaki. Need I say anything more?

  • Mukashi no Otoko

    56. Mukashi no Otoko

    Japanese Drama - 2001, 12 episodes


    A heartbreaking and solid psychological drama depicting the loneliness, depression, emotional turmoils and the heartbreak that comes with loving someone you shouldn't. It is scary how real this 23 year old drama was in portraying the complexity and messiness of modern relationships. Unless you're very lucky and have never had low self-esteem, or felt lonely, you will relate to Fujiwara Norika's fantastic performance as Akari, a woman who wanted to be loved and Tomita Yasuko's solid performance as a scorned wife who was driven crazy by the affair. Osawa Takao and Hiroshi Abe also delivered very sincere performances.
    It was not an easy watch, but the journey and character development was worth it.

  • Youkai Sharehouse

    57. Youkai Sharehouse

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 8 episodes

  • Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru

    58. Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 6 episodes


    A fantastic combination of horror + thriller + psychological + romance. It's not the most perfect drama and I really wish it was longer, but I'm sure you won't regret watching it.

  • Tengoku to Jigoku: Psychona Futari

    59. Tengoku to Jigoku: Psychona Futari

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes


    Body swap between a detective and the murder suspect with twists that you will never be able to figure out. Brilliantly acted by Takashi Issei and Ayase Haruka, who also had great chemistry together. Quite a captivating one!

  • Engine

    60. Engine

    Japanese Drama - 2005, 11 episodes


    An endearing and fun dorama of a found family of 12 adorable kids, the ever so charming Kimu Taku and lovely Koyuki. What's there not to love about this drama that teaches you to fight for your dreams.

  • Lupin no Musume

    61. Lupin no Musume

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 11 episodes


    A wacky musical action comedy of a love story between the daughter of a family of thieves and the son of a family of police officers. This one's the full package.

  • Date - Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira

    62. Date - Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira

    Japanese Drama - 2015, 10 episodes


    A cleverly written and witty romcom that is refreshing in every way.

  • Ukiwa: Tomodachi Ijo, Furin Miman

    63. Ukiwa: Tomodachi Ijo, Furin Miman

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 8 episodes


    Picture sitting by the veranda on a quiet lonely evening, and sipping a glass of wine. That's what this drama was. You can't tell me the writer wasn't inspired by 'In the Mood for Love'. If you love that movie, I can guarantee that you'll love this one equally, if not more. They have the same vibe.

    Just like the imagery of the leads drowning into the ocean, this one has a similar effect of drawing you in deeper and deeper right from the 1st episode. It was so so beautiful and addictive. The direction, the cinematography, the imagery, the score, the conversations, the silences... the entire vibe is definitely an acquired taste. It was so rich. You'll either savour the way this story was told or be bored to death. It was the former for me, and I can say that I loved it and highly recommend it for a mature audience.

  • 17.3 About a Sex

    64. 17.3 About a Sex

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 9 episodes


    A sensitive, eye-opening and educational drama that takes you through a journey of sexual development, especially in youth. This was a simple and effective lesson in sex education that should be made mandatory for all.

  • Yasha

    65. Yasha

    Japanese Drama - 2000, 11 episodes


    Watching this while the world is battling with COVID made this so much more compelling for me because a similar situation is playing out in the world today.
    The story, the acting, the writing, the music - everything about this was awesome (and this is coming from someone who's not a huge sci-fi fan)
    Special mention to Ito Hideaki who hit it out of the park with his acting, sometimes I forgot that he's playing both the twins.
    And Desert Rose by Sting - what a fitting iconic song for this drama!

  • Boku wa Mari no Naka

    66. Boku wa Mari no Naka

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 8 episodes


    A solid psychological drama centering around mental illness and identity, with a fantastic plot twist you wouldn't expect. Ikeda Elaiza was quite a revelation in this. My only gripe is that I wish this was longer because I would have loved to see her journey being fleshed out more. It's a great drama nonetheless.

  • Bread and Soup and Cat Weather

    67. Bread and Soup and Cat Weather

    Japanese Drama - 2013, 4 episodes

  • Ore no Ie no Hanashi

    68. Ore no Ie no Hanashi

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes