Samurai & Swords

Samurai is one of my favorite genres even before I started discovering Japanese golden cinema. Samurai films are divided into two parts: 1.Jidaigeki: Historical telling in Samurai periods without focusing much on action. Swords are used in a small amount and the drama/film have more historical/political/Samurai codes into them. 2.Chambara: This is where swords are heavily used and bloody Samurai killing with heads rollings take place. Although I enjoy Chambara productions more because I am into splatter-gore but many of my favorite samurai films are Jidaigeki as well. With years, you just learn how to understand the Samurai code of honors and love the theme overall. This list will contain films, dramas and specials. P.S: Most titles of my "Favorite Classic Japanese" films' list will be listed here as well.
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