Zong Chao Jia

Jia Zong Chao

  • Name: Jia Zong Chao
  • Native name: 贾宗超
  • Given name: Jia Zong Chao
  • Also Known as: Jia JC, Jia Zongchao, Jia Jong Chiu, 賈宗超
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: August 24, 1983
  • Age: 40
Jia Zong Chao is a Chinese actor and singer, born in Lanzhou City of Gansu Province and graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

In 2003, he made his debut in his first movie "Men Suddenly in Black", and was nominated for the Best Newcomer of 2003 Hong Kong Film Awards. In 2006, he participated in the Kappa Most Sports Fashion Award competition in the Guangzhou Division of the 2006 Esquire Awards, and won the top five in the Guangzhou Division.

In 2007, he released his solo single "Two Face".

In June 2016, he won the "Most Expected by College Students" award at Shanghai College Student TV Festival.

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Year Title # Role Rating
2021 Guys With Kids
Chinese Drama, 2021, 42 eps
Lao Du (Support Role)
Lao Du
Support Role
2021 Lover in Barber Shop
Chinese Drama, 2021, 32 eps
(Support Role)
Support Role
2019 Sanatorium for Love
Chinese Drama, 2019, 12 eps
Da Xia (Support Role)
Da Xia
Support Role
2018 Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Survivor
Chinese Drama, 2018, 30 eps
Lao Ba Zi (Support Role)
Lao Ba Zi
Support Role
2018 The Lost Swordship
Chinese Drama, 2018, 36 eps
You Da Jun (Support Role)
You Da Jun
Support Role
2017 Song of Phoenix
Chinese Drama, 2017, 72 eps
Prince Cang Yun (Support Role)
Prince Cang Yun
Support Role
2016 Not Easy to Raise a Child
Chinese Drama, 2016, 50 eps
Lin Da Xiang (Support Role)
Lin Da Xiang
Support Role
2011 Journey to the West
Chinese Drama, 2011, 66 eps
Heavenly King of the Wide eye (Support Role)
Heavenly King of the Wide eye
Support Role
2010 The Legend of Yang Guifei
Chinese Drama, 2010, 49 eps
Chao Heng (Support Role)
Chao Heng
Support Role
2009 Archrivals
Chinese Drama, 2009, 45 eps
Kawashima Izumi (Support Role)
Kawashima Izumi
Support Role
Year Title Role Rating
2018 Fantasy of Three Kingdoms 2
Chinese Movie, 2018,
Lu Bu (Support Role)
Lu Bu
Support Role
2015 I'm Here & 12 Years
Chinese Movie, 2015,
Han Jie (Support Role)
Han Jie
Support Role
2004 The Attractive One
Hong Kong Movie, 2004,
Tim (Support Role)
Support Role
2003 Men Suddenly in Black
Hong Kong Movie, 2003,
Hung Kwok Bo / Bo Jai (Main Role)
Hung Kwok Bo / Bo Jai
Main Role
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Jia Zong Chao

Zong Chao Jia
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  • First Name: Zong Chao
  • Family Name: Jia
  • Native name: 贾宗超
  • Also Known as: Jia JC, Jia Zongchao, Jia Jong Chiu, 賈宗超
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: August 24, 1983
  • Age: 40

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