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Stuck In The Drama World


Stuck In The Drama World
Hello, I'm Ailess and I live in Finland. Obviously, I love dramas. I watch only Japanese and Korean dramas, there isn't much time or motivation for other Asian dramas. xD I prefer watching Japanese dramas, I have a bit difficulties with Korean dramas because they're quite long - after about 11-13 episodes my motivation starts to dissapear and I have to kind of force myself to watch the rest. I'm not saying they're bad but I'm secretly glad when they finally end. >.< The plots are usually entertaining, tho. :D My other hobbies are drawing, beadwork, nail art (don't like doing it on my own nails, tho xD), japanese language (trying but failing to learn kanji..) and of course listening to music! I'm not very active on forums because I kind of prefer just reading but if someone contacts me I'll be very happy! :D


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