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Currently searching for a drama to watch and actually finish... Check my list for some of my favs. 

Rule #1: Never watch a Melo with a love triangle. Not once in the history of mankind has a love triangle been something that makes a melo better. It literally only has one purpose and that is to make me not want to watch that drama. 

Rule #2: Lower your expectations for all dramas. As soon as you go in thinking it's gonna be the greatest thing on earth you start to notice EVERY single mistake or plot hole. So go in with low expectations and you'll enjoy the drama X3 more! I have suffered from unimaginable hardships while gaining this information hope it helps.

I rate my dramas on how much I enjoy them, not on how good they really are. 

6 & under = trash 

7 & 7.5 = ok dramas probably had something that really got on my nerves, but still watchable. 

8 & 8.5 = good dramas, not my fav but still good enough 

9 = great drama 

9.5 = almost perfect 

10 = why didn’t I watch this sooner? I wanna erase my memory of this drama just to rewatch it again.

Also my watched is not very accurate, I'm just to lazy to go and find the ones I've watched.


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