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Welcome to my profile! 
I'm Ana and I am just a portuguese teenager who started liking japanese culture in 2016 and South Korean culture in 2017.
I love read and watch some series/dramas. I really would like to visit Japan and South Korea and spend a few months (or maybe years) there. 


So, how did I start love this Japanese culture?
Well, I started in 2016's summer watching Anime and I absolutly loved it. With the Animes came the interesse to know more, to learn more about this country. 
My account in MyAnimeList


I started to listen some Japenese pop after that. The boy-band "Da-iCE" is my favorite Japanese band!!                      


And how did I start to love this South Korean culture?

Well ... my colleagues. In early 2017 my friends, who are k-poppers, have recommended me to listen to some kpop songs. With that I started to be obsessed with K-pop, after that I started to see K-Dramas and consequently I just disgraced my life ... XD 

ASTRO is mt ultimate kpop group, and Cha Eunwoo is my ultimate bias! <3


First japanese drama: Death Note 2015 

First japanese movie: Ao Haru Ride    

First South Korean drama: EXO Next Door

First Chinese drama: My Amazing Boyfriend 

First Thai drama: Full House

Please, feel free to send me a friend request, or to send me a private message, or whatever! I'm not a native english speaker, but I'll do my best!


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