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¥¤• Love Chinese culture. Dragon Ball, Journey to the West, folk stories. •¤¥

•∆• I’m starting to watch Chinese dramas because in México we consume only Western culture. I need some guidance and recomendations in exploring chinese drama world, it is vast, and there is a lot of low quaility dramas also •∆•

•∆• Don´t like idol dramas and boys and girls looking like pretty dolls. Also I want to be recommended dramas from past decades (50, 60, 70, 80), not only the new productions. •∆• 

•§• I like deep filosofical dramas (taoism, buddhism, folk stories) with good art, landscapes and music, and prefer character development and lovable characters more than complex plots, and intrigue palace stuff. Also like light hearted dramas, not only deep and "artistic" ones, as long as it is not dumb idol dramas  (maybe there is some good idol dramas out there, but I haven´t seen it yet, I cringe just by seeing the trailers)•§• 

‡∞‡ Love Stephen Chow, Jeffrey Lau, Tsui Hark, Karen Mok, Wu Cheng'en, tragedies and romances between snakes and monks, foxes, humans and ghosts ‡∞‡

 ˚∂˚ Friendship, Laughter, Transformation, Love, Guan Yin, Samsara, Peace ˚∂˚


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